Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Trilogy

Since the mainstreaming of books like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, people have been looking for other novels that reach that same quality of ‘epic story’.

Tad Williams books in the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Trilogy reach that level of Epic.

The trilogy starts with The Dragon bone Chair.

We meet young Simon. He works in the castle of the High King. Well, he is SUPPOSE to work there but like most 14 year old boys prefers to dream of adventures and magic. Simon spends more time avoiding work. He become the apprentice of Doctor Morgenes the castle scholar. Simon thinks he will be learning magic only to find his days filled with numbers and writing. The young man is easy to identify with making it easy to follow him on his adventure.

The old king dies and his eldest son, Elias, takes the throne. Things seem to be going well until drought and plague hit the Kingdom of Osten Ard.  The king argues with his brother, Josua about one of the kings advisers. A snake of a man named Pryrates.

The adventure gets underway when Simon discovers Josua in an underground, hidden room being prepared for one of Pryrates evil rituals and Morgenes and Simon help rescue the prince.

Williams does an amazing job of taking races and characters that are familiar and giving them a new look and feel.

I don’t want to go into much more detail. The story is fantastic. It is one where you get so involved, when you come up for air the rest of the world seems surreal.

Tad Williams has a website. Be sure to stop by and check out some of his other works.

You can find all the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn books on

Happy Reading!

Another Bonus

Today was a crazy mix of wonderful and not so wonderful.

Lets start with the Not So: I missed out on some very valuable writing time do to a side tracked mind caught up in Mindless entertainment. I know, I know. But you got a great blog topic right? I suppose. You are probably also going to point out that I did get my word count in for the day ending at a grand 25,128 at 1:30am Pacific.

OK, OK….Fine no so much bad after all.

On to the Wonderful. I got a few new followers on Twitter. One is none other than New York Times Bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn herself! I know right?! (I did allow myself a fangirl squeal which made her laugh)

I started following Yasmine before I had read her work because she was a local author and a Bestseller. (I am all about connecting with peers here. Who better to ask about the writing industry than other writing professionals?) I got to know her fun quirkyness over twitter feeds and came to really enjoy her as a person who was not afraid to be herself no matter what kind of crap life happens to toss at her. I respect that. So when the chance came for me to purchase her new book Shadow Rising, you bet yer ass I bought it!

I was going to save the book as a treaty reward for a finished 50k manuscript but I just couldn’t resist. I started in on the story a bit at a time giving myself only a few pages between frenzied typing sessions. (I am not anywhere near the middle of the book let alone the end but expect a review here after NaNoWriMo)

At first I was not going to read anything at all because I felt that it would interrupt the voice of my own characters. Honestly I am still a bit leery about that happening but I have had some of my better sessions after a quick mental break into the mind of another writer of the same genre. It gives me the boost I need to say to myself “I can do this. I want to write something this cool.”

Another thing I have on my mind tonight is the discussion of a writer building his/her platform. (SIGH) I have twitter and I have this blog. I do have a Facebook under the Name Iniriba (internet name/pen name). I am so new to this whole thing I am still likely to see that someone has followed my page or read my blog seconds after they do so.

I try not to let the number (or lack thereof) views and followers discourage me. I will write like I have thousands of views now. Hopefully, over time, those of you who have joined me now will have the pleasure of seeing how I have grown and improved over time.

To learn more about Yasmine, check out her website at

Who is your favorite fiction Author? Why? Leave a comment below!