I survived the #SharkNado !!

It was incredible! Sharks flying through the air! People running and screaming, blood flowing through the streets.

Lucky for me there was much advanced warning from folks on twitter such as Wil and Anne Wheaton, Craig Engler from SyFy, @RedCross and well as many others. I don’t know if I would have survived without their brave reporting on the situation.

In the aftermath all we can really do is think about those that were lost and stock up on tornado stopping home made propane bombs!


Ok, so I don’t live anywhere near SharkNado alley. You have to admit that it was one hell of a ride if you where anywhere near twitter last night. The morning feed is full of exclamations about what happened and how this TV movie became such a hit on the Internet.
I didn’t actually get to watch the silly thing until after the craze had passed. My local cable company was a few hours behind the rest of the world.

I sat and watched the sharks hit the chainsaw at 9pm pacific. I wasn’t disappointed. It was every bit as cheesy and B-movie that I expected.

If you missed the phenomenon, tune in to SyFy again on Thursday July 18 7/6c for another chance.