Holiday Cheer, Hard Times and STUFF.

The Holidays are here and things are pretty rough for this writer and her family. 

We were recently displaced from our home of 8 years. It has been difficult to continue to write and get Lost Hope ready for release, but I refuse to allow depression to rear his Ugly head in my home. (Moros can get stuck back in the damn Jar!) 

My husband and I have been working on promoting the Crowd Funding for Lost Hope at

We even managed to mess around and make a cover through KDP that we really like as a fall back if I am unable to negotiate art with someone I feel is a good fit for the series. 


Even through all the rough, there has been a ray of sunshine. A candle in the dark. A star on the tree.

It is easy to get caught up in the season. The mad rush to get STUFF for everyone you love. The drive to get the perfect gift for that special someone in your life to show how much you really love them.

Kids eyes light up when they think of all the STUFF they will get and all the STUFF that they want.

As nice as those things are, as nice as it is to have the newest STUFF…I have never felt more blessed NOT to have all the STUFF.

Being able to spend quality time with my children and not feel like I am lacking as a parent because I have not bought them the newest video game or my teen a new iPhone.

My kids enjoying DOING THINGS rather than GETTING STUFF.

Sitting with my 11 year old and helping him work on his book that he wants to write or playing with the family dog with the youngest ones has been the most rewarding thing for me this holiday season.

Stepping out of the tech covered world we live in and getting back to more important things like family and love. Ignore the call of the Electronics and create with the people who are closest to you.

Don’t let anything get you down. Keep yourself Joyful and everyone around you will reflect the Joy you show!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Iniriba and Family