Writing and Muses.

20121119-045848.jpg “I got this Mom.” ~ one of my reasons for writing.

Music is a muse for most of the writers I know. They all have a favorite method for choosing what to listen to when working on a novel. Depending on the scene and the atmosphere they want to get through to the reader will determine what music they listen to.

Others go for nature walks, read another book from a favorite author or exercise. I have even heard a few writers talk about coming to a breakthrough while washing the dishes! (Those people are crazy! I hate washing dishes!)

I have taken a page from the awesome Yasmine Galenorn and started putting together playlists that I happen to listen to while I am writing. I plan on adding these music muses to the back of the book. No particular order to listen to but you may figure out what music inspired what scene.

The entire writing process can be a mystery to anyone who does not write. Maybe I can help give a bit of insight into how ideas and images flow through the mind and body then out through the fingers onto the keys of a type writer or computer keyboard. Or maybe I should keep that bit of mystery and magic to it. Believing in a thing helps make it so. If writers were to lose the mystery of what they do then maybe there would no longer be magic in the pages of a good book.

Keep Reading and believing!

When gamers cry…an NPC is Born.

Do gamers cry?

Do they feel anything for their fellow players?

Who else but another gamer can understand some of the things we go through? YouMadBro? Dodging Trolls. Hours spent getting through dungeons to get that slot item or crafting the best gear! Making it to the top of the PVP lists! Mad skillz bro!

I read an article linked to Twitter today about a little girl who was honored by “MechWarrior” after she lost her fight with cancer.  A specially designed ‘mech chassie’ you can purchase for $10 was created. The money goes to the Canadian Cancer Society ( here is the link to the article http://t.co/hP1wveNIbI).

I took the time to read through the forums and found dozens of comments from gamers of all walks who shared their story of a friend, loved one, co-worker, who had been honored by their game of choice in a similar manner.

I myself have experienced 2 unexpected deaths of fellow gamers. One of which was a very dear friend of mine who I had never met in person but considered to be family.

His name was Bilin. (His given name was Chris.) He has an NPC named after him in the MMO game Dark Age of Camelot. h-Bilinhttp://camelot.allakhazam.com/db/search.html?cmob=3944

He died suddenly when his gall bladder burst. My husband and I received a phone call from his sister telling us the news. Our number had been in his favorites listed as Family.

The other was a guild member in World of Warcraft. Our guild was always thought of as our gamer family so when someone from his family took the time to log in and explain to the rest of us about his sudden passing it was like hearing a cousin or aunt had died. I was grateful that they understood how important this extended family was enough to inform us of his passing.

We RIP’ed his characters Information in the Guild Roster letting future members know his status and informing future guild leads to leave them on the roster.

I hope the the friends and family who don’t game learn what a wonderful community of people there are that play video games. That we are willing to come together in support of each other when times are difficult. Being a virtual shoulder to lean on during times of grief.

Most people see just a bunch of lazy boys sitting eating chips, doing nothing but staring at a computer or TV all day long. They don’t catch the social interaction that happened, because until just recently most of that was done through text.

Regardless of what game you happen to play, if you learn someone is also a gamer, your ideas about them shift. Gamers come from all walks of life (Take the woman who ran for political office who was a WoW player). So before you get the idea in your head that we are all lazy slobs who don’t have jobs and are too fat,ugly, stupid for society to want us, remember we are people (and some studies show we are SMART people!) Flesh and Blood Humans.

Video games have been a social outlet for the social outcast to the celebrity. The bonds forged in the Field of Bone on  Kunark, or the Triumph of Defeating DeathWing are made in the fires of a Dwarven Forge! Allowing people to be who they are and not judged by how they look or what job they have.

We are Gamers! We are Family!

So, Do gamers cry?

Yes, we do.

Do gamers care about flesh and blood human beings?

Yes, we do.

Racism/Sexism in Nerd/Geek Culture

I know what you’re thinking.

What?! No way are nerds/geeks racist/sexist!

Are you sure about that? I know that those public figures in our awesome fandom of geeky goodness all preach abolish hate and love thy human next to you.

Take a moment and think about racism/sexism and the last Con you where at?

Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman, Wonderwoman, BlackWidow, Storm. (How many of you thought that a Black Green Lantern was weird? I thought it was cool and mentally High Five’ed them for it.)

I am not saying that we should reinvent any of these Iconic figures into the “Black Version” or the ‘Chick Version” That can end up just as insulting as saying something rude and bigoted.

What we can do is ignore color/sex as we move forward. (And I am not just talking to the White Guy in his Grandmas basement either. I am talking to Every Person who claims the Title of Geek/Nerd/Dork/Human.)

Background, Life, CHARACTER. Focus there instead of highlighting the things that scream RACE. Search for things that are common across the board. (There are just as many absent white baby daddies out there. And just as many  picket fence Black Families.)

I love watching BBC programming because they have decided that it does not matter what color a person is or what their sexual orientation is. What matters is WHO a person is. Doctor Who, Primeval, Torchwood, Being Human. All these are Big Hitters for BBCAmerica television and the biggest thing I notice is that Race is Never a Problem.

What is a Problem, In my opinion is when people make it a problem.

Now I know that is a touchy subject these day but Ya know what? Get over it! Both Sides! There shouldn’t be Sides. White/Black/Yellow/Purple/Gay/Straight. It should never come into the picture. EVER.

There is Culture. Certainly there is a difference there. Maybe that is why Britain has less issue with color on TV than America does. We like to think of ourselves as a ‘melting pot of culture’ while still clinging desperately to what makes us unique. What makes us who we are. (  I am sure Britain has there share of ‘culture issues’ but I don’t live there so I don’t know.)

Maybe that should be the focus of some of the New Hero. From Great Adversity Comes Great Hero. Overcoming Terrible Things is a common theme among Superheros. Maybe the new heroes should ignore those things we seem to keep focusing on that make us diverse and start highlighting the things that make us all HUMAN.

My Favorite show for abolishing Race is Star Trek. Where RACE is E-Raced and Culture Is Highlighted. Can we be more like That?star-trek-tos

The Hard Part

The manuscript is written. 50k words of story. Now comes the hard part.

Rewrite. Edit. Rewrite. Edit. When does it stop? I have heard other writers say that the rewrite never does. Part of being a writer is knowing when to send it out. When it is good enough. Some say that even when the book is in print and shelved that they felt it could have been better.

I have learned that aside from needing to become your own worst enemy about making sure you get your butt in a chair and write every day, the hardest part is getting said butt into said chair and tearing apart the words you have already written!

I am a pantser. Which means that the 50k I have written started the second I wrote the first sentence. There was no plot outline, no plan. Just wrote what came into my head at the time. This is a nightmare for rewrite but amazing for creativity!

Now I am struggling to weave together all this great story into something that makes sense. Creative though it may be there is no flow. There are things that don’t make sense. Ends happen that never had a beginning. Characters talk or speak to each other in ways they really wouldn’t at that point in the story. It is like being a time traveler and trying to unwind lives that have gotten terribly mangled in their timeline.

The other issue I am having with Death’s Hope is that I started the story as Erotica Urban Fantasy. As I work through it I realize that these people would not be sleeping with each other yet. There is too much baggage between them that they need to work out (And one character doesn’t even realize she has yet). There is another character who was minor in the first draft who is starting to shine and come into himself in the second. He might be a major player in book one where I thought he wouldn’t be until at least book two.

So the hardest part of being a writer for me? Writing every day. Finishing what I have started. Organizing the lives and timeline to make a story that flows from Point A to Point B without forgetting to wrap up Sub-Plot 1 and making sure that there is a close to the story while leaving things open to continue on to Point C in the next book! (Long Exhale here!)

What is the hardest part of being a writer for you? Are you a pantser or a plotter? Both?

@KseniaAnske, and other things.

Good morning fellow writers and readers!

I wanted to post a quick Random Thoughts.

I read a blog post by a fellow Washington writer by the name of Ksenia Anske.
She talked about how to get started writing a blog. Her words are great advise. She has one book soon to be published as well as a very active twitter audience. Not to mention a background in social media.

You can find her at http://www.kseniaanske.com or on twitter @kseniaanske. She is great fun and twitters a ton. Writes a ton.

Her most recent blog entry talks about how to get started writing a blog. It got me thinking about my own blog and that one guy/girl I must be letting down by not adding something new on a regular basis.
I vowed not to write unless I has something decent worth saying. Ksneia suggests to be sure to add something to your blog at least once a week. She posts twice a week. I want to amend my vow to say, I will come up with SOMETHING worth saying at least twice a week.

Like any new writer/blogger I check my stats and can sometimes get bummed by the lack of views. However, I have noticed there is one view every day even if I don’t post something. So, to you my one daily viewer. Thank You! From the bottom of my heart. You have encouraged me to make this a better place to visit. You have helped keep me going in the midst of turmoil. (Really!)

This blog is intended as a warming up and a recounting of my journey as a writer. Becoming a writer has been the one constant in my life. The one occupation I have always dreamed of. Now I am almost 36 and ready to do it. My life is at a point where I can sit down and do what I dream of.

Self employment is Hard. As a writer you are self employed. If you do not have the drive to do it all yourself then you will never make it as a writer. If you do not have the discipline that is needed to sit your butt in your chair and ignore the rest of the world long enough to meet your word count (Whatever that may be for you. Mine is 2000 words a day. I know pro writers who push 8k+ in a day.)

On a more personal note: If you do not have a spouse willing to let you sit on your computer dreaming all day, it is going to be that much harder. You NEED a companion willing to have faith in you. Who will tighten their belt a bit and take over some of the things in life that NEED to be done. (like paying the bills or doing the Job thing) It takes time to become successful. Hard work, tears and sweat.

I talked about writing for the money in an earlier blog. I still think that you can do that. It is a business. These days it is an authors world. With self publishing available, anyone who has written a book can get it out there. I have read some REALLY BAD books. But you know what? They are published. I’m not. (yet) So who is ahead?

Thanks again reader!

Times a wasting…what am I doing?

Well, here I am.

It has been a while. Been M.I.A. For medical reasons. Though I do make it a point to check up on my social media now and again. So I am not totally out of the loop.

I promised not to post anything unless I had something worth saying besides ‘Today was a good day. I blah blah blah’. Well, sorry. I figured it had been a while, So I am going to update everyone on life in the Mad House.

Father’s Day. I allowed my kids to wake their dad by climbing on top of him in a giant pile of arms and legs. The dog thought this was a great idea. He joined in the mayhem and there was dog breath, Ew.

We have 6 boys for those who don’t know. That’s a lot of kids on top of my husband. Add an 80 pound black lab. Yup.

We had a good day just relaxing and hanging out with the kids.

I hope to get back on track with writing and doing author interviews in the coming weeks. I have read a few books from new authors recently that are just amazing. I look forward to sharing them with you all. If you want a hands up on the books I have read or am reading check out these names:

Divided by Jennifer Sights **** Star rate

Revealing Hamilton by Sarah Jayne Carr **** Star rate

Currently reading Hunted by the Others by Jess Haines

Will be reading Lust, Money and Murder by Mike Wells.

So follow along and tell me what you think of each book. I know the authors would love to hear from you as well!

Marriage Equality, my take…

Today the Internet has been full of marriage equality and gay rights.

I read posts from the Christian stand saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. Yes, under the law this is true. Under the old contract there were many things that were asked of the people for their health and safety.

As a Christian myself, I believe in the new contract forged in blood by Jesus that we, as modern believers, should show that God is Love. Not continue to spread fear and hate under the guise of religion.

God is not ‘rules and regulations to make you feel guilty your entire life’. He is LOVE.

The church has forgotten that over the many years it was and has been in power. You all know the saying. ‘power corrupts….’

It won’t hurt me or by belief in God and it will certainly not change His love for me to show His love to the lgtb community by allowing them the same freedom to love. It may just change their opinion of a sadly corrupt state of Christians today.

I take a stand now as a Christian and say marriage equality is the loving thing to do. I know I am going to get ‘flamed’ for this by well meaning Christians. But those people need to stop and ask themselves, if a man murders someone and the later accepts Christ, will he still go to hell? I don’t think so.

This is my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

Something intelligent to say…

I wanted to try and post every day but that just seems silly. Better to post when I have something intelligent to say.

Today’s intelligent post is….

As I have been learning and finding more things about writing and getting more involved in the community I come across some great things that are extremely helpful as a new writer. Seeing as this blog is all about the journey of a new writer, I want to share things with you.

While I am not a die hard You Tube Viewer like my husband, Barameitsu, I do occasionally come across something I feel is worth my time to watch. I do have an account and even taken the time to post a few videos of my own. But I digress, I have been following Geek and Sundry for a while now and have recently tuned in to Story Board  (I linked the first episode) hosted by Patrick Rothfuss. I strongly recommend new writers check out the videos! Pat and various guest speakers talk shop about writing. It is helpful and fun. Pat does an excellent job as host.

(I am writing this from my iPad so not sure how to fix you all up with links to the videos. I will edit later on when I can get to my computer. I’ll also be sure to add links to Pat’s website as well.)


(Added the links to the videos and to Pat’s page.)

Gonna Kickstart.

So…I am gonna do it. I decided to try to set up a kickstarter for Death’s Hope. What is the worst that could happen? It doesn’t make it. I figure that could not be any worse that where I am at now. It will take a few more days for me to get the video made and get everything ready to send it in for approval. in the meantime here is a link to the preview for anyone interested in it. I greatly appreciate any and all help in promotion and shall do my best to acknowledge any and all persons who help to make this book a reality!



Updated with new link because I fixed a few things and added a few things! Let me know what you think. I would greatly appriciate the feedback.

Back to Writing.

I have finally started back on the writing. It was a bit like pulling myself out of a deep sleep and trying to make breakfast. You know what I mean? Where all your limbs are so heavy it takes all your effort to move one leg in front of the other. Where your eyes are so blurred that everything looked like London Fog, and if someone asked you what your name was you would say “Soccer Pancakes” ( I shamelessly stole that from my husband).

All the procrastination aside, I am back in the saddle and working on a new book. It has nothing to do with the one I just finished. I suppose I could write the next book in Hope’s story but that would defeat the purpose of ignoring her for a while so that I can look at the MS with fresh eyes in a few weeks. See how bad the bad is and how awesome the good parts actually are.

Update on Full Moon Station. I have sent it out to a few eyes to read over. I am waiting to hear back from them and then I will decide how to send it out to all of you. I am really excited about it. I am trying not to harass the folks I sent it to. “Have you read the story yet? Have you read the story yet? Have you…”get the idea?

I have a new book idea. (I said that already) It is an Epic Fantasy idea. I think this could potentially take a bit of time to write. I want to go about it the best way possible. Every character will have a profile. I hear that is how George RR Martin does his. I plan on doing a complete world build. My husband will be helping me with that. I am really looking forward to spending the time with him.

Today was fruitful. I have some scene ideas laid out and a great cast of characters already started. Unlike Death’s Hope, this book is the third person. As much as I love first person, I think I am better at 3rd. My hat goes off to the folks who can pull off a great 1st person character like those written by Laurell K Hamilton and Yasmine Galenorn. I hope that I can edit my FPPOV enough that it is readable and believable. (At least I have great authors to reference!)

I bought a few notebooks with loose paper and dividers to better organize my notes. Plot, Character, Maps, TBA (To Be Asigned). This way I have everything for that book at my fingertips. I know my WriteWayPro has a lot of those features but I think I get ideas out best longhand and on my iPad. I started this new book as a writing warm up idea. I also have graph paper and blank white printer paper to doodle maps and other such ideas that might go with the story. There is a pouch for colored pencils, mechanical pencil and fresh pens as well. I just grab the notebook and take it with me when I go out. I have everything I might need to jot down an idea or a drawing for that story.

I hope you enjoy my random blurbs about my journey to be a published author!

Please feel free to leave a comment below about what helps YOU write. I would love to hear about it!