Published and panicking!

FullMoonStationCoverWell not really Panic.

OK maybe a little. But really it is anxiety over whether or not people are enjoying the story! I have received one tweet from a friend who complimented the work. As grateful as I am, I am paranoid about the other people who have grabbed the book while it is in free promo. No one has posted a review as of writing this. Good or Bad. And I have read some awful degrading reviews for some of my fellow writers!

Full Moon Station is a short story in the Shifters and Sorcery Series that I will be uploading to Amazon on a regular basis. The story is about two college age guys on the road back from a concert who stop by a gas station in the middle of the desert. After Mark heads in to the station to grab cigarettes and coffee, a werewolf begins to tear the place apart. Ted must use the skills taught by his detective father to help his friend and stop the monster.

The next book in the set is called Beast Within. This story comes at werewolves from both sides. Beth is a young high school girl from Minnesota who has recently moved to Tacoma, WA to live with her mom. She starts her first day of school feeling outcast and alone. After the main bully and his girlfriend prey on her in the cafeteria, Beth is befriended by a young witch named Skye who sees great potential in her new friend.

On the flip side of the story is a sociopath werewolf who has gone around the town killing people. He fails to connect his humanity with the people he murders when he is a wolf. The killer has caught scent of Beth and her special abilities and has decided he wants her as his mate.

With the help of The Silver Moon Society, an organization made up of witches and other supernatural beings, and Mark (from the short Story Full Moon Station) Beth must learn who she really is to help stop the werewolf from killing again.

I hope to have Beast Within available for purchase around Halloween.

I hope you all get the chance to grab Full Moon Station while it is still free for another day! Please, if you do, stop and leave a review! If by chance you read this after the promo and still wish to support my efforts, the story will be available for 99 cents until the 90 days is up then I will make it available for free on other media. That should help drop the price to match 😀 Until then, know that I appreciate your love and support!

Thank you all

I hit the “Save and Publish” button.

Today I set out on a new adventure.

I hit the “Save and Publish” button in KDP.

If you have been following me for a while, you will recognize the story.

Full Moon Station. The short story about a couple of guys making an innocent stop at the gas station who end up running into a world of trouble when a werewolf kills everyone in sight.

I wanted to make it available for free because it is such a short piece but that was not an option. It is $0.99 and should be available sometime tomorrow morning.

If you choose to purchase the story, THANK YOU! Any money made from this will go toward helping finish Death’s Hope. I want to professionally edit the novel length story. Making sure you all have the highest quality book available.

I chose to publish Full Moon Station because I wanted to familiarize myself with the way KDP works. I don’t want any surprises popping up when I publish DH!

Again, to all who have chosen to support me, Thank you so much! SHARE the book with a friend.

Full Moon is just the start of another series I have in the works called Shifters and Sorcery. These books are going to be available through KDP as well. Keep an eye out for “Sunrise” (the story of a sorceress named Charlene Talon, the last living descendant of Merlin and prime suspect in several murders of supernatural people) and “Beast Within” (the story of an Alpha Shifter named Elizabeth new to her powers. Her town is being terrorized by a sociopath werewolf who wants Beth for his mate.)

Writer tips, tricks and fun.

I have come across many tips, tricks and cheats for assisting the would be author on the road to publication.

I have shared a few of these over twitter and thought it would be a great idea to add them here as a blog post.

One I found that was fun is a picture of editing marks. Common and not so common.


Who can wear the badge of writer without knowing the basic keyboard shortcuts?


And the most helpful thing I found was this…



Plot/Pants Eh? Thanks @MikeWellsAuthor

Long day on little sleep, Can feel myself winding down.

Feel accomplished however with 1,079 words of new idea that is Very clear 😀 DigitalQuillInk

Should be an easy write (until 30k words where I beat my head against the desk asking God Why is this CRAP?!)

However, it should be easy to rewrite as well because I actually have plot outline (GASP!). So would be refining and perfecting.

With that said, I have been struggling with the rewrite of Death’s Hope simply because I sat down and wrote whatever came to mind for a month. Granted it was all about the same character, but there was no order. No reason behind the things that were happening beyond “Hey! This will really F*** up her day!” I have a dozen great scenes full of action and mayhem but nothing binding them all together.

So the task at hand for that book has become, TA DA! PLOTTING!

Thanks to the helpful tweet of a Mr. Mike Wells I found his Advice For Writers and  a wonderful bit of learning entitled “A ‘Secret’ Formula for Creating a Short Synopsis For Your Book.”

I have now managed to come up with a reason the main character is suffering. I even have a bad guy (or do I?) who is behind the mayhem. I have a way for her to get out of said troubles but it will require some serious soul-searching on her part. (I love stories of personal growth and discovery)

But! (You knew there was a but…) there is SOOO much more going on! I ended up with a tragically long synopsis of All the mayhem (ALL THE THINGS!) that I felt smothered by it.

I needed to get away from Hope and the world of the Pantheon for a while. I had stopped writing anything new because I was working so hard on finishing something I had already started.  Feelings of guilt would overwhelm me because I love this 50k of words and want to make them into a story people will actually want to read.

I am happy to say that again Mike saved the day. I started writing synopsis for the next two books I want to write involving Hope and the Crew. I am excited that they will have more focus and less mayhem when they are started.

I also managed to start a new book idea. Not sure if it will be short story or full novel. It has a great synopsis. The outline is coming smoothly and best of all?! I Don’t Feel Guilty!

Hope is not on Deadline. No one is tapping their foot at me waiting on the manuscript. I can ‘shelf’ her and move on to a different project that is better thought out.

The quote “Writers write.” (No I don’t remember who said it. Yes I am terrible for not remembering. Comment if you do please! I want to give credit where it is due!) is something I need to keep above my desk.

If you are not on deadline and a book is holding you back, it may just be that you are not in a place to understand what the characters need from you. Take a step back from it. Write something else. It can be another book about the same people. Or an entirely different genre! Just WRITE!

Don’t Let the Vampires Bite! Werewolves are Awesome!

Making time, Like a Time Lord!

Being a writer is all about making time.

That’s a funny statement; Making Time.

Are writers actually Time Lords that have been abandoned at birth only to rediscover their identity through the printed word?

Really, we have all of time and space at our fingertips. The only thing holding us back is our own lack if imagination! Each book is a TARDIS and every reader is a Companion. Are you ready to join the Ponds?

We actually have it one up on The Doctor. Writers are not limited to one Dimension. Alternate Universe needs exploring? We are there on the front lines, pen in hand to bring you the latest and greatest stories of daring and passion from realms beyond.

Making Time to write can seem pretty daunting. There are days that feel like everyone and everything is out to get in your way. The kids will have a meltdown (Worse than a nuclear power plant), the phone will ring every time you sit down at your computer, the spouse will choose that moment to need you (You dirty mind!).

Regardless of what may distract you or get in your way, the only way your book or script will get finished (or started) will be if you MAKE TIME. Even if it is only a few minutes between stuffing your face with a bagel in the morning before you run out the door to sit in traffic (Take a voice recorder and talk your book out while you sit behind that semi on the interstate!) or before you head to bed after the kids are all settled in.

The idea is to be putting words on a blank page (digital pages count). Find out if Word Count keeps you excited or if counting the number of Pages works better. Whatever you need to do to continue to pour out the Universe in your mind. (Otherwise you may explode and I don’t think two universes can exist in the same time and space.)Image

Next time you open a book, remember; They are much bigger on the inside!

The Pantheon Series.

I started a blog dedicated to my books called The Pantheon Series.

I am hoping to make it a combination of Platform for my novels in that series as well as a place to ‘dump’ ideas, getting a feel for what readers are interested in.

While the story is mine, I am not ashamed to take advise from others. (I would make a terrible writer if that was the case. Except my husband. I can’t seem to take criticism from him without getting cranky…)

I’ll be posting journal entries from the characters as they develop, maps, pictures that inspire me and other tidbits for would be fans and anyone interested in following the series as it develops.

That will be the place I post any updates on Death’sHope as I prepare to launch crowd funding. I will also make available a way to donate to the cause directly from the blog for those who wish.

Please take a moment to stop by and follow the blog. If you like what you see, comment and spread the word!

Thanks to everyone who supports me!

More words! Less Crap!

Another day goes by and I am left wondering “WTF?” Where did it go? How did I only write a few hundred words rather than a few thousand?

Then I remember how the day went…

Woke up at 2pm (I didn’t get to bed until after 5am due to children with backward days) The house was in a shambles because the boys were given free reign. (To avoid getting into more personal matters I will just say the hub was busy.)

After getting things back in order, I was able to kick the kids outside and sit down to look at my computer screen. I organized my thoughts and figured out where and what to write next.

The children then burst in the door arguing with each other about who was suppose to do what and it’s not my fault he did it. Great. Take a few minutes to deal with that…

Realize I need to get dog food.

Trip to the store. (Won $2 playing a scratch ticket!)

Get home groceries away, kids outside. Ready to write!

Twitter has some great feeds about agents and their wish lists that distracted me. OK now back in the zone.

More kids drama.

And here I am! At least I am getting SOMETHING written down today.

Ok, I will be fair and say that I have managed to get a bit further in where Death’s Hope is going regardless of the lack of actual words being written. That, I guess, is a step forward in the process of writing a book and being a busy mother of 6.

More words, Less Crap. Spend time writing. Less time contemplating the crap. Even if all you get down for the day is to complain about not having written anything for the day, Hey! You got WORDS!

What keeps you from writing? How do you get through it to get the words down?

Synopsis of Death’s Hope.

After she is attacked twice by creatures from Greek myth, Hope Aries learns that she is the daughter of War and Peace, Gods of the Greek Pantheon.

Guarded by Thanatos, God of Death, guided by Hephaestus, Blacksmith of the Gods, Hope struggles to come to terms with who she is.

When her best friend, Dora Pann is put into a magical coma and Thanatos is captured by the Titans, Hope must awaken her dormant powers before it is too late.

( I know this is really short but many people have asked me what the book is about. I needed a short explanation that did not give away the story too much. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak and tell all your friends about it! Thanks!)

Sunshine Award

I was recently nominated by the lovely Lily Paradis for the Sunshine Award. I am new enough to the world of Blogging that I am not really sure what it is all about, however I am extremely flattered that she would include my name in the list of blogs she enjoys.

The instructions for this honor are fairly simple. Answer a few questions and then mention a few inspiring others at the end for your own nominations.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I wanted to have a record of my journey to becoming a published author. From serious start to finish. Documenting all the joys and pains along the way. I wanted to help others see the road and provide a map so that their own journey may be as rewarding as I hope mine is in the end.

I also started the blog to hold myself accountable to my writing. If even one person keeps coming here to see what I have to say or read the story I am struggling to provide, then I have someone I owe it to do my absolute best for.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Well, Iniriba is a name I have been using online for many years now. As an avid MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) fan, I have always used it as my avatar/character/toon name. People recognize it as me. It seemed logical to use it as part of my platform.

What is your favorite blog to read?

This is actually a difficult question for me. I am a browser. I look through the ‘suggested’ lists or when friends have posted to theirs I will go and read what they have to say. I do not really have any one blog I stalk daily.

Tell about your dream job.

Gosh! Pretty much what I do now except to get paid to do it! I am writing a book and pondering the second as well as a few others. I live stream video games in the evening when my brain is worn out from writing or pondering. I write about the video games I play. Getting paid would make this perfect (and much easier to do)

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Well, sometimes the glass is full to overflowing and dripping down the sides. Other times the glass is dumped all over the table mixed with a few Cocoa Puffs. No worries, I don’t cry over the spilled milk.

If you could go anywhere for a week vacation, where would you go?

Hawaii. Even if it was a family vacation and we brought the kids, it would still be Hawaii. I have many other places on the list but that has always been at the top.

What food can you absolutely not eat?

Lima beans & Brussel sprouts.

Dark chocolate or Milk chocolate?

Dark. There are so many subtle flavors in chocolate like a good wine or coffee. You can’t taste them in milk chocolate.

How much time do you spend blogging?

I use to believe that I had to post something every day or some internet god of bloggers would come down and block my work from people. Now I just blog when I have something worth saying. No need to fill your day with the color of my toddlers latest doodles. It avoids turning the blog into a daily ‘bitch’ session.

Do you watch TV? If you do, what are your favorite shows?

I don’t watch TV much. I am more a Netflix kinda gal. However, I do have some favorite shows that I love to watch on demand.

Lost Girl

Game of Thrones


Face Off


Star Trek (all of them)

So now comes the part where I choose 10 people who blog for nomination.

 I will gladly nominate everyone who I have followed here on WordPress. At one point or another their words inspired me.

A few others I follow from twitter are:

@YasmineGalenorn –

@LKHamilton –

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@jamesscottbell –


There are many more. Follow my twitter and check my followers list. There is an awesome list of Gamers and Authors who blog about what they are passionate about!

Special thanks to Lily Paradis for nominating me! Check her out!

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