Rewritten: a writers life.

Most authors who have been in ‘the biz’ for a while all seem to agree…

Writing is rewriting.

And rewriting,
And rewriting again until you have what might be a possible epic masterpiece if you rewrite it again.

I understand this now.

When I launched the crowd fund for Lost Hope the first time, I was over eager to share something that was just not ready. I felt it as I went over the manuscript again. So I made the choice to pull it from funding. Better to back up and get right that send it through before it was ready.

I am really glad I did! The rewrite was very much needed. I switch the entire stories point of view from first person to third person. We still read from Hope’s point of view, but from outside rather than inside.
The beta readers agree, It reads much better.

I hope that people like the story enough to help get the editing needed to make it a truly kick ass story!

If you want to help head to and find a donation level that works for you!

Here is the picture I found to describe Lost Hope! Fun!


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