LostHope.pubslush.com is live!

There it is! LostHope.pubslush.com is live. The crowd funding to help get this first book in the series edited and a kick ass cover created is underway.

This entire journey has been amazing. Each step bringing me closer to my dream of being a published author has been a learning experience.

Some days have been hard.

Being so excited about sharing the story but needed to take a step back and honestly say “It’s not ready yet.”

I want to give you all the best stories I have to offer. In order to do that, the book needs an editor.

Thankfully, I have found one that can have Lost Hope ready for a March release date! That is super awesome!

Thanks again everyone who takes the time to read my rambles. It really means a great deal to have such great support so early in my career as a writer.

Stay awesome.

Iniriba GreyMyst


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