Old Year/New Year

Here we are…

Just a few hours until 2013 is gone and we welcome 2014. I ditched the NYE party to come write and spend a bit of time with my two littlest ones. They are happily playing games and watching a movie, giving me the chance to get this out.


The past year has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. 

I finished a novel and have it ready for edits. My family lost our home (through no fault of ours) and we are struggling to rise from the ashes of a bad experience. 

My hopes and dreams for 2014 are to get 4 novels out to you all before this time next year. Only one of which is still in the planning stage. The rest have a minimum word count of about 23k. So, reasonable that I could get them all done.

I will be writing every day. I just need to get over the idea that I can write like a ‘full timer’ until I am able to get a nanny or housekeeper to do the things that require my attention as a mom and wife. I will also be doing a short video upload to my YouTube channel updating followers and friends of my daily progress. You all can help hold me accountable for my daily writing! hehe

The world of Shifters and Sorcery has really taken on a life of it’s own and I am getting really excited to share it with you. Many fun characters all interwoven in several novels. If you have not checked out Full Moon Station yet, it is available for free on Smashwords. Still waiting for amazon to price adjust the version there. I may just take it down altogether.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Please stay safe. Don’t Drink and Drive. Hug your babies and family.

Best Wishes for 2014!

Iniriba Greymyst and Family



Holiday Cheer, Hard Times and STUFF.

The Holidays are here and things are pretty rough for this writer and her family. 

We were recently displaced from our home of 8 years. It has been difficult to continue to write and get Lost Hope ready for release, but I refuse to allow depression to rear his Ugly head in my home. (Moros can get stuck back in the damn Jar!) 

My husband and I have been working on promoting the Crowd Funding for Lost Hope at Pubslush.com


We even managed to mess around and make a cover through KDP that we really like as a fall back if I am unable to negotiate art with someone I feel is a good fit for the series. 


Even through all the rough, there has been a ray of sunshine. A candle in the dark. A star on the tree.

It is easy to get caught up in the season. The mad rush to get STUFF for everyone you love. The drive to get the perfect gift for that special someone in your life to show how much you really love them.

Kids eyes light up when they think of all the STUFF they will get and all the STUFF that they want.

As nice as those things are, as nice as it is to have the newest STUFF…I have never felt more blessed NOT to have all the STUFF.

Being able to spend quality time with my children and not feel like I am lacking as a parent because I have not bought them the newest video game or my teen a new iPhone.

My kids enjoying DOING THINGS rather than GETTING STUFF.

Sitting with my 11 year old and helping him work on his book that he wants to write or playing with the family dog with the youngest ones has been the most rewarding thing for me this holiday season.

Stepping out of the tech covered world we live in and getting back to more important things like family and love. Ignore the call of the Electronics and create with the people who are closest to you.

Don’t let anything get you down. Keep yourself Joyful and everyone around you will reflect the Joy you show!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Iniriba and Family

Rewritten: a writers life.

Most authors who have been in ‘the biz’ for a while all seem to agree…

Writing is rewriting.

And rewriting,
And rewriting again until you have what might be a possible epic masterpiece if you rewrite it again.

I understand this now.

When I launched the crowd fund for Lost Hope the first time, I was over eager to share something that was just not ready. I felt it as I went over the manuscript again. So I made the choice to pull it from funding. Better to back up and get right that send it through before it was ready.

I am really glad I did! The rewrite was very much needed. I switch the entire stories point of view from first person to third person. We still read from Hope’s point of view, but from outside rather than inside.
The beta readers agree, It reads much better.

I hope that people like the story enough to help get the editing needed to make it a truly kick ass story!

If you want to help head to LostHope.pubslush.com and find a donation level that works for you!

Here is the picture I found to describe Lost Hope! Fun!


LostHope.pubslush.com is live!

There it is! LostHope.pubslush.com is live. The crowd funding to help get this first book in the series edited and a kick ass cover created is underway.

This entire journey has been amazing. Each step bringing me closer to my dream of being a published author has been a learning experience.

Some days have been hard.

Being so excited about sharing the story but needed to take a step back and honestly say “It’s not ready yet.”

I want to give you all the best stories I have to offer. In order to do that, the book needs an editor.

Thankfully, I have found one that can have Lost Hope ready for a March release date! That is super awesome!

Thanks again everyone who takes the time to read my rambles. It really means a great deal to have such great support so early in my career as a writer.

Stay awesome.

Iniriba GreyMyst

Relaunching the Pubslush crowd funding for Lost Hope!

All right ladies and gentlemen! You have been waiting patiently and I am greatful!
Lost Hope crowd fund will launch on Monday, December 9th and go for 30 days.

I am looking to raise at least $700 dollars with my goal amount at $2,000.
That will cover editing costs and cover art as well as print copies.

Any funds over the goal will be used to continue the series and allow me to get another kick ass book out to you guys.
I know I have posted some of the book here, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the rewrite.

Lost Hope was written in the first person point of view of Hope Aries, the daughter of War and Peace.
I changed it to third person and it is so much better to read! I am really happy with how it has turned out. The beta readers have said it is a big improvement as well.

So mark your calandars! Monday December 9th!