“Who is that?” My first clue I had successfully branded…and didn’t know it!

I have been working hard for the last year to figure out how to really brand myself as a writer.

It turns out I have done so rather well. Branding myself that is.Image

I have used the name Iniriba for MANY years now. I always have a character with that name on any MMO I happen to play ( Or Kamuri). I know it is a name that will always be available because it is so unique.

My original plan was to brand my OWN name. Not use a Pen Name. However…Since everything had the name Iniriba,

Twitter: @iniriba

FaceBook: Iniriba Greymyst

some emails


I have unintentionally branded myself perfectly!

The idea of a good personal brand is to have your name be the ONLY thing that shows up on a search engines first page.

For Example;

You use Bing or Google to look up “Iniriba Greymyst” 

The entire first page is all links to either my Facebook, Twitter, HERE or various reviews I have done on Amazon.com!

That is SWEET!

Now when my books start making the rounds (after i get them up on amazon and various other sites) I will use the name Iniriba Greymyst as the Author. People recognize it as me. They will know it is my work. 

When I recently uploaded my short story ‘Full Moon Station’ I did it under my legal name. That was when I was asked by a twitter follower “Who is Sabrina Grauman?” I had to think a moment and reply “Um, Me.” All the great friends and fans I have made over the last year. All the work has been under the name Iniriba. 

Moral of the story?

Don’t be silly like I was. If the name is Unique and Catchy….USE IT!!!



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