Are you starting to panic yet? NaNoPrep talk.

National Novel Writing Month is only a few days away!

I must admit, I am getting a little nervous. This year is going to be especially difficult because we are in the process of moving to a new house.

Add the Crazy of the Holidays plus Packing/ Unpacking (Yes that gets a Capital letter) while juggling 6 boys, one 80lb black lab, two senior citizens (my parents) and a Husband with various daily life schedules…Well, if you see a mushroom cloud over Western Washington, that is me and not the mountain or a bomb of some type.

I do plan on making it through NaNoWriMo. If I can write a novel this November without my eyeballs exploding or someone in my family dying, well then, there will be no more excuses for me NOT to be successful at this writing thing.

I know over the past year I have had many rambles of various things on the blog, but I always come back to writing and my journey to make a go of it. I try and post interesting things that other ‘would be writers’ and even established writers may find funny, interesting or helpful. Seeing how someone else made the journey helps you learn what you may or may not want to do on your own way.

Getting my butt in my chair is the hardest part for me.

I don’t know if that is a common writer problem or just an Iniriba problem, but there it is. My biggest issue with getting things written.

The moment I sit down I am either interrupted or think of something that HAD to be done RIGHT NOW. Mind you, it is usually not something that NEEDED to be done by ME, but as any mom can attest, sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself…

In between all the things that have to be done when moving from one place to another, I am doing my NaNoPrep. Packing does not take much brain power so it allows me plenty of time to go through different plot ideas I have had spinning in my head this past year.

When I get to the point in an idea that I need to write it down or lose it, I take a break, grab the pen and notebook every writer had within arms reach of them and write down everything I hashed out as I packed. Now I have a good stack of notes for the book and am about ready to outline everything 😀

Last years Nano taught me that I write best at night after everyone is asleep (or suppose to be anyway) so the plan is to do that again this year. The only foreseeable issue is going to be making sure I have munchies.

So there you have it. I guess this year will be the deciding factor in exactly how serious I am about this ‘writing for a career’ thing. Thankfully I am blessed with an entire family that wants to see me succeed at this as much as I do.

Hope you all have a happy NaNoWriMo!

“Who is that?” My first clue I had successfully branded…and didn’t know it!

I have been working hard for the last year to figure out how to really brand myself as a writer.

It turns out I have done so rather well. Branding myself that is.Image

I have used the name Iniriba for MANY years now. I always have a character with that name on any MMO I happen to play ( Or Kamuri). I know it is a name that will always be available because it is so unique.

My original plan was to brand my OWN name. Not use a Pen Name. However…Since everything had the name Iniriba,

Twitter: @iniriba

FaceBook: Iniriba Greymyst

some emails


I have unintentionally branded myself perfectly!

The idea of a good personal brand is to have your name be the ONLY thing that shows up on a search engines first page.

For Example;

You use Bing or Google to look up “Iniriba Greymyst” 

The entire first page is all links to either my Facebook, Twitter, HERE or various reviews I have done on!

That is SWEET!

Now when my books start making the rounds (after i get them up on amazon and various other sites) I will use the name Iniriba Greymyst as the Author. People recognize it as me. They will know it is my work. 

When I recently uploaded my short story ‘Full Moon Station’ I did it under my legal name. That was when I was asked by a twitter follower “Who is Sabrina Grauman?” I had to think a moment and reply “Um, Me.” All the great friends and fans I have made over the last year. All the work has been under the name Iniriba. 

Moral of the story?

Don’t be silly like I was. If the name is Unique and Catchy….USE IT!!!


Things don’t always go as planned.

That being said, I have decided to put the crowd funding campaign for Lost Hope on hold until further notice.

I want this book to be worth your time and money. In order to do that, I have to make sure it is truly ready to send out into the hands of an editor.

After much thought and speaking with a few people about it. (My husband and a couple readers who have opinions I value) I chose to withdraw my crowd fund.

PubslushPubslush1, the platform I chose to use for the crowd fund, has been more than awesome in helping me make sure that I have everything exactly as I want it.

From changing the time limit on the project from 60 days to 30, and now allowing me to stop the funding process without having to delete the entire project to do it. They have sent me emails making sure I am prepared as well as encouraging me as I head out on a new adventure with my novel and my dreams of publication and success.

I strongly encourage any writer to check out Pubslush. It is a BOOKS ONLY Crowd Funding platform. Think Kickstarter for your novel, short story, children’s book, Photo album etc.