Making time, Like a Time Lord!

Being a writer is all about making time.

That’s a funny statement; Making Time.

Are writers actually Time Lords that have been abandoned at birth only to rediscover their identity through the printed word?

Really, we have all of time and space at our fingertips. The only thing holding us back is our own lack if imagination! Each book is a TARDIS and every reader is a Companion. Are you ready to join the Ponds?

We actually have it one up on The Doctor. Writers are not limited to one Dimension. Alternate Universe needs exploring? We are there on the front lines, pen in hand to bring you the latest and greatest stories of daring and passion from realms beyond.

Making Time to write can seem pretty daunting. There are days that feel like everyone and everything is out to get in your way. The kids will have a meltdown (Worse than a nuclear power plant), the phone will ring every time you sit down at your computer, the spouse will choose that moment to need you (You dirty mind!).

Regardless of what may distract you or get in your way, the only way your book or script will get finished (or started) will be if you MAKE TIME. Even if it is only a few minutes between stuffing your face with a bagel in the morning before you run out the door to sit in traffic (Take a voice recorder and talk your book out while you sit behind that semi on the interstate!) or before you head to bed after the kids are all settled in.

The idea is to be putting words on a blank page (digital pages count). Find out if Word Count keeps you excited or if counting the number of Pages works better. Whatever you need to do to continue to pour out the Universe in your mind. (Otherwise you may explode and I don’t think two universes can exist in the same time and space.)Image

Next time you open a book, remember; They are much bigger on the inside!

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