The Pantheon Series.

I started a blog dedicated to my books called The Pantheon Series.

I am hoping to make it a combination of Platform for my novels in that series as well as a place to ‘dump’ ideas, getting a feel for what readers are interested in.

While the story is mine, I am not ashamed to take advise from others. (I would make a terrible writer if that was the case. Except my husband. I can’t seem to take criticism from him without getting cranky…)

I’ll be posting journal entries from the characters as they develop, maps, pictures that inspire me and other tidbits for would be fans and anyone interested in following the series as it develops.

That will be the place I post any updates on Death’sHope as I prepare to launch crowd funding. I will also make available a way to donate to the cause directly from the blog for those who wish.

Please take a moment to stop by and follow the blog. If you like what you see, comment and spread the word!

Thanks to everyone who supports me!

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