More words! Less Crap!

Another day goes by and I am left wondering “WTF?” Where did it go? How did I only write a few hundred words rather than a few thousand?

Then I remember how the day went…

Woke up at 2pm (I didn’t get to bed until after 5am due to children with backward days) The house was in a shambles because the boys were given free reign. (To avoid getting into more personal matters I will just say the hub was busy.)

After getting things back in order, I was able to kick the kids outside and sit down to look at my computer screen. I organized my thoughts and figured out where and what to write next.

The children then burst in the door arguing with each other about who was suppose to do what and it’s not my fault he did it. Great. Take a few minutes to deal with that…

Realize I need to get dog food.

Trip to the store. (Won $2 playing a scratch ticket!)

Get home groceries away, kids outside. Ready to write!

Twitter has some great feeds about agents and their wish lists that distracted me. OK now back in the zone.

More kids drama.

And here I am! At least I am getting SOMETHING written down today.

Ok, I will be fair and say that I have managed to get a bit further in where Death’s Hope is going regardless of the lack of actual words being written. That, I guess, is a step forward in the process of writing a book and being a busy mother of 6.

More words, Less Crap. Spend time writing. Less time contemplating the crap. Even if all you get down for the day is to complain about not having written anything for the day, Hey! You got WORDS!

What keeps you from writing? How do you get through it to get the words down?


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