@KseniaAnske, and other things.

Good morning fellow writers and readers!

I wanted to post a quick Random Thoughts.

I read a blog post by a fellow Washington writer by the name of Ksenia Anske.
She talked about how to get started writing a blog. Her words are great advise. She has one book soon to be published as well as a very active twitter audience. Not to mention a background in social media.

You can find her at http://www.kseniaanske.com or on twitter @kseniaanske. She is great fun and twitters a ton. Writes a ton.

Her most recent blog entry talks about how to get started writing a blog. It got me thinking about my own blog and that one guy/girl I must be letting down by not adding something new on a regular basis.
I vowed not to write unless I has something decent worth saying. Ksneia suggests to be sure to add something to your blog at least once a week. She posts twice a week. I want to amend my vow to say, I will come up with SOMETHING worth saying at least twice a week.

Like any new writer/blogger I check my stats and can sometimes get bummed by the lack of views. However, I have noticed there is one view every day even if I don’t post something. So, to you my one daily viewer. Thank You! From the bottom of my heart. You have encouraged me to make this a better place to visit. You have helped keep me going in the midst of turmoil. (Really!)

This blog is intended as a warming up and a recounting of my journey as a writer. Becoming a writer has been the one constant in my life. The one occupation I have always dreamed of. Now I am almost 36 and ready to do it. My life is at a point where I can sit down and do what I dream of.

Self employment is Hard. As a writer you are self employed. If you do not have the drive to do it all yourself then you will never make it as a writer. If you do not have the discipline that is needed to sit your butt in your chair and ignore the rest of the world long enough to meet your word count (Whatever that may be for you. Mine is 2000 words a day. I know pro writers who push 8k+ in a day.)

On a more personal note: If you do not have a spouse willing to let you sit on your computer dreaming all day, it is going to be that much harder. You NEED a companion willing to have faith in you. Who will tighten their belt a bit and take over some of the things in life that NEED to be done. (like paying the bills or doing the Job thing) It takes time to become successful. Hard work, tears and sweat.

I talked about writing for the money in an earlier blog. I still think that you can do that. It is a business. These days it is an authors world. With self publishing available, anyone who has written a book can get it out there. I have read some REALLY BAD books. But you know what? They are published. I’m not. (yet) So who is ahead?

Thanks again reader!


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