Divided by Jennifer Sights

OK, I will come clean here and say that I do know the author. We met on Twitter for NaNoWriMo. She was my NaNo Harpy (someone who harps on you to write and get your word count for the day. Yes, I made that up.) She is also the lady who recruited me to become a Mary Kay Consultant. It is a friendship of a weird nature as it is part business and part social. That said…here is the review.


It is a story of Elena, a private investigator down on her luck and desperate for money. She takes a job looking for a young woman who has gone missing. The search takes her to a Gothic dance club where Vitorio, sexy business man/magic user hangs out. The two are plunged into a “love at first sight/drawn to each other” tangle that interfers with the investigation.


The book has a few editorial flaws in it, mostly misspelled or misplaced words, but they in no way take away from the story. A bit distracting but if you can ignore them and just read it is worth it. I do know that Jen is open to feedback and willing to do what is needed to improve. (as any successful author is).

I thought it was a bit slow at first and had some trouble getting into it but like “Joe vs the Volcano”, if you stick with it the story is rewarding with some great action scenes and plot tangles that leave you excited for the next chapter in Elena and Vitorio’s story. Toward the end I wasn’t able to put the book down until I had finished it!

I really look forward to reading the next book and get excited when Jen sends out tweets and info. It will be great to watch her develop and grow as a writer while reading this great love story.

Let me know if this review was helpful in deciding to read this book or not. Leave a comment.

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