Marriage Equality, my take…

Today the Internet has been full of marriage equality and gay rights.

I read posts from the Christian stand saying that marriage is between a man and a woman. Yes, under the law this is true. Under the old contract there were many things that were asked of the people for their health and safety.

As a Christian myself, I believe in the new contract forged in blood by Jesus that we, as modern believers, should show that God is Love. Not continue to spread fear and hate under the guise of religion.

God is not ‘rules and regulations to make you feel guilty your entire life’. He is LOVE.

The church has forgotten that over the many years it was and has been in power. You all know the saying. ‘power corrupts….’

It won’t hurt me or by belief in God and it will certainly not change His love for me to show His love to the lgtb community by allowing them the same freedom to love. It may just change their opinion of a sadly corrupt state of Christians today.

I take a stand now as a Christian and say marriage equality is the loving thing to do. I know I am going to get ‘flamed’ for this by well meaning Christians. But those people need to stop and ask themselves, if a man murders someone and the later accepts Christ, will he still go to hell? I don’t think so.

This is my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

For the love of writing.

I keep seeing people post about how you should write for the writing and not for the money.

This is awesome advice.

Hard to accept when you are not financially stable.

I watched a biography special on JK Rowling. The woman wrote because she had nothing left. It was her last hope, her way of coping when there was really no where else for her to go because financially there was nothing left.

I really connected with her position. Sometimes it isn’t even about the writing itself. Sometimes diving head first into a fantasy is the only way to keep your sanity when the world around you is falling apart. When the house is in foreclosure and the kids need new shoes.

Sometimes, we writers can find the golden sunshine spots in our lives when we create mayhem for our characters. We can think “Well at least I don’t have Zeus trying to kill me…” when the baby is running around naked and he left his stinky diaper on the floor.

Or we can discover passions we did not realize we had when writing that hot sex scene between two characters that make you want to light up after. Finding those passions keep our connection to reality. Not the other way around.

I am not ashamed to say I am going to write for the money. Everyone always says to do what you are passionate about, find a job you love, do what makes you happy. Well, my happy is writing, I hope to make money doing it. I know it will be like any other job where you start out as an entry level assistant who does all the hard parts and gets a meager paycheck in return. I am not stupid. However, I see the road ahead and it is paved in paperbacks. (Or EBooks)

One day, I will be able to say I make enough money to pay my bills and get my kids through school. For now I am going to write for the love of writing. To gain the skill I need to become a professional writer.

Write for the love of writing. Write to make yourself happy. Don’t worry about anything else. Those things can be chewed on and spit out later. When you write, let everything else fall away. Become the world you’re writing about.

This includes letting go of dreams of big paychecks and movie deals. Those are things outside of the writing. Yes, be business minded about your work, know your worth (be honest here). Business minded also means knowing when to let go of things you have no control over.

The best writing comes when you can drop out of the world you live in, no matter how difficult things are going, and ‘zone out’ into the world you are creating.

You can find the balance between writing for love of words and writing to make money. Professional writers have found that. They put in the time, paid the dues, earned the paycheck. For the love of writing they climbed their way to the top and earned the right to sit and do nothing but write all day.

It is work. Never for a minute think that it is not. You will WORK and work hard as a writer. Probably harder than you would at a ‘traditional’ job.

So when a writer says don’t do it for the money, in part they are saying don’t let that be your only motivation or you will never make enough for the amount of work that goes into being a professional writer.

Stay positive and don’t give up.

Sunshine Award

I was recently nominated by the lovely Lily Paradis for the Sunshine Award. I am new enough to the world of Blogging that I am not really sure what it is all about, however I am extremely flattered that she would include my name in the list of blogs she enjoys.

The instructions for this honor are fairly simple. Answer a few questions and then mention a few inspiring others at the end for your own nominations.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I wanted to have a record of my journey to becoming a published author. From serious start to finish. Documenting all the joys and pains along the way. I wanted to help others see the road and provide a map so that their own journey may be as rewarding as I hope mine is in the end.

I also started the blog to hold myself accountable to my writing. If even one person keeps coming here to see what I have to say or read the story I am struggling to provide, then I have someone I owe it to do my absolute best for.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Well, Iniriba is a name I have been using online for many years now. As an avid MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) fan, I have always used it as my avatar/character/toon name. People recognize it as me. It seemed logical to use it as part of my platform.

What is your favorite blog to read?

This is actually a difficult question for me. I am a browser. I look through the ‘suggested’ lists or when friends have posted to theirs I will go and read what they have to say. I do not really have any one blog I stalk daily.

Tell about your dream job.

Gosh! Pretty much what I do now except to get paid to do it! I am writing a book and pondering the second as well as a few others. I live stream video games in the evening when my brain is worn out from writing or pondering. I write about the video games I play. Getting paid would make this perfect (and much easier to do)

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Well, sometimes the glass is full to overflowing and dripping down the sides. Other times the glass is dumped all over the table mixed with a few Cocoa Puffs. No worries, I don’t cry over the spilled milk.

If you could go anywhere for a week vacation, where would you go?

Hawaii. Even if it was a family vacation and we brought the kids, it would still be Hawaii. I have many other places on the list but that has always been at the top.

What food can you absolutely not eat?

Lima beans & Brussel sprouts.

Dark chocolate or Milk chocolate?

Dark. There are so many subtle flavors in chocolate like a good wine or coffee. You can’t taste them in milk chocolate.

How much time do you spend blogging?

I use to believe that I had to post something every day or some internet god of bloggers would come down and block my work from people. Now I just blog when I have something worth saying. No need to fill your day with the color of my toddlers latest doodles. It avoids turning the blog into a daily ‘bitch’ session.

Do you watch TV? If you do, what are your favorite shows?

I don’t watch TV much. I am more a Netflix kinda gal. However, I do have some favorite shows that I love to watch on demand.

Lost Girl

Game of Thrones


Face Off


Star Trek (all of them)

So now comes the part where I choose 10 people who blog for nomination.

 I will gladly nominate everyone who I have followed here on WordPress. At one point or another their words inspired me.

A few others I follow from twitter are:

@YasmineGalenorn –

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There are many more. Follow my twitter and check my followers list. There is an awesome list of Gamers and Authors who blog about what they are passionate about!

Special thanks to Lily Paradis for nominating me! Check her out!

@LilyParadis –

Finding my brand.


If you have dreams of becoming a name in something you need a brand. Something that says “Hey, this is me and I am interesting.” Well, I have been narrowing down the things about me that I feel are most important to me that would be interesting to others.

For instance…

I am a gamer. I play online games. I really enjoy them. They are a part of who I am. There are millions of people all over the world who make good money playing video games, making video games, writing books about video games and so on and so forth.

I am a writer. I am a NEW writer. I just finished my first ever manuscript this past NaNoWriMo, but I have always been a writer of words. Poems, blogs, journals and random other smaller things. I have always dreamed of BEING a writer. Everything I have ever done, every class I ever took was geared toward becoming a writer. People love to read. Makes for a great relationship 😀

I am a Mom. I have 7 boys. Yes, seven. I did not mistype. I love kids. I love babies. No I am not having any more thank you very much. Each one of my kids fills me with joy and makes me think “Wow, that is one cool kid.” Yeah, they have issues. No, sometimes I am not the worlds greatest mom in the world. But I try, and that is truly what matters. My kids know I love them and that I would burn down the rainforest if it would save them from some of the crap this world will inevitable toss at them. (I am not against being green or environment or anything but I am totally in love with my family) This, I think is another interesting thing about me. People are always asking “How do you do it?” Answer: “One day at a time and with very little sleep.”

So what does all this have to do with Branding?

Iniriba – Writer, Gamer, Mom.

Game Re-Review: EverQuest

EverQuest is the grand-daddy of MMORPG’s. Anyone who tells you different is misinformed.

My husband and I bought the game way back in the early part of 1999 but did not get the chance to actually play until later that year. We fell away from the game over the years. Playing just about everything else, but we always came back to EverQuest and the friends we met there who feel like family now. Most are still with us but a few have passed on. I will think of them always as family.

Those first few notes of music bring back a wave of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ of mmorpg. Before the chat was filled with kids (referring to anyone with a childlike attitude) who spend their time telling other people how bad they are at a video game. Before the days of instant gratification gear and “do it for me” characters.

A few gaming friends and I decided to hop back in to the world of Norrath and see how things were under their F2P (Free to Play). Unlike WarHammer Online, I still had access to my original account and the characters I put so much time and energy into without needed to purchase a subscription. We had a few players in the group who had never played the game so we went to a different server and started fresh.

They allow a decent selection of races and classes for the f2p players and give the option to purchase restricted class/race by those types you would prefer rather than require you to purchase the subscription. So even if you choose to remain a f2p member but want to play a restricted class/race you can.

After a bit of fumbling with the 2 characters I had made prior, I created a barbarian warrior woman named Kobia. (I LOVE using mmos to build on character development for my books).

The characters seem stiff and the controls somewhat archaic if you are used to some of the newer online games, but after a while and a bit of tweaking the controls, you get the hang of it again.

So much has changed I hardly recognized the Caverns that you first start out in. It was a feature added to the game after several expansions to help new gamers learn how to control their character and the basics of the game play mechanics. I still think they did a fantastic job in the tutorial area. They give you enough information to get you started if you are all alone. There is still plenty to learn beyond what they teach but the community still seems willing to help out a new player.
We never did make it out of the tutorial, at least I didn’t, before I had to log out and play mom. We still had a lot of fun and I found myself wanting to dig into researching character information again and how to build a better warrior in EverQuest.

If you are a competitive gamer who wants to check out where it all started, you might want to check out the FAQ available in-game and the website to learn what combos of character/race/player stats would be best for you. There must be dozens of websites and forums about EverQuest now.

EverQuest offers all the features you could wish from any MMORPG including built-in voice chat option as well as expansive storylines for those interested in the RPG aspects and PVP servers for those who want to test their skills against other players.

If you don’t mind a game that will require a bit of a learning curve to play, I would recommend popping on and checking it out. Otherwise you can watch some of the action on live stream at mmorpgcom or Insomniacs Gaming.

I will also be doing some streaming from time to time as well as posting videos to my YouTube channel:


and as always you can find me on twitter @iniriba

If you have a game or book you would like me to review leave a comment below with a link to information about it.

Thanks for reading!


Special thanks go out to @Grakulan, @insomniacsgamin, @kisage65 and always @Barameistu for playing EverQuest with me!