Something intelligent to say…

I wanted to try and post every day but that just seems silly. Better to post when I have something intelligent to say.

Today’s intelligent post is….

As I have been learning and finding more things about writing and getting more involved in the community I come across some great things that are extremely helpful as a new writer. Seeing as this blog is all about the journey of a new writer, I want to share things with you.

While I am not a die hard You Tube Viewer like my husband, Barameitsu, I do occasionally come across something I feel is worth my time to watch. I do have an account and even taken the time to post a few videos of my own. But I digress, I have been following Geek and Sundry for a while now and have recently tuned in to Story Board  (I linked the first episode) hosted by Patrick Rothfuss. I strongly recommend new writers check out the videos! Pat and various guest speakers talk shop about writing. It is helpful and fun. Pat does an excellent job as host.

(I am writing this from my iPad so not sure how to fix you all up with links to the videos. I will edit later on when I can get to my computer. I’ll also be sure to add links to Pat’s website as well.)


(Added the links to the videos and to Pat’s page.)


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