Next Steps…The First Read.

As I attempt to do the first read through of my NaNoWriMo novel, I have been researchong different ways to go about doing so.

I attended a webinar from James Scott Bell (JSB You can find his work at ) that was excellent in giving points to make the first read through as successful as possible. He suggested to read like a reader for the first look. Print your book out and give it a cover (a different color paper with the Title in Bold center works for me). Nothing fancy just a way to trick your brain to read without editing.

I figure this gives you that chance to read your book in its ‘raw’ form. So you can see the great things you wrote during the Madness of November as well as the crap.

JSB also suggested to keep your notes to a ‘must’ and not go full edit until after the read. Just make simple marks on the margin to remind yourself during rewrite what you thought as a reader. JSB showed us marks he uses but I think using your own marks might help keep your groove while reading. Trying to remember what someone else uses for a “This is boring,” mark or a “What were you thinking here?” mark might be more trouble than it is worth. Find something that works for you but remember not to get carried away with edit the first time through.

Once you have things read from a reader POV then you will have a much easier time getting into the rewrite and fixing the plot holes and character flaws.

On a side note, I was able to help a fellow author today who was asking about Kickstarter. If you get the chance go check out Benjamin Wallace and his Dumb White Husband series of books. You can find Ben’s stuff at Funny Stuff.


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