Tragic Events

I am writing this at the same time the news is talking about the shooting in Newtown.

I woke up and had a message in my twitter. So I logged in to take a look. Twitter was in an Uproar. I had to take a moment and scroll back through the last hour or so of tweets to learn that there had been another school shooting.

Too many people gone. The President making an emotional speech about the tragedy.

I send my thoughts and prayers out to everyone in any way connected to this. Something like this effects more people than those talked about on the news. Certainly the people who were there first hand have the most to deal with but please do not forget the families of those who were there. Think about the medical staff at the hospitals and staff that are needing to do their job to save the lives of these children.

Pres. Obama mentioned in his speech other tragic events that have happened. I and my husband have been in one of these tragic events. Each time it happens it brings the anxieties and stresses from the past back to haunt me. Think about the families all over the world who have lost because of violence and hate.

When things like this happen people speak out without thinking about what they say. Their words are fueled by emotion. Remember as you talk about this, that words are powerful. Sometimes more powerful that the weapons involved in these tragedies. Sometimes words are the reasons these things happen.

Remember your words.

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