Back in the saddle…

After some time away from my home and my computer, I am ready to get back to work on the next book!

I am going to let Death’s Hope sit on a shelf (well I just won’t open the file) for a while. I have had some thoughts and ideas about how to improve the story and am going to be writing them down. Eventually I will be able to pull these things out when doing the rewrite. I hope to have a story worthy of being printed. Right now it is a jumbled mess of words.

In the meantime, I am working on getting my short piece I call Full Moon Station ready to be viewed by the masses. The totally awesome @JenniferSights has been helping me with some edit stuff on it. I am so great full for the time she has taken out of her own busy life and writing endeavors to read and critique this for me. Words cannot express my gratitude! I recommend you take a moment and give her a follow! She is an awesome person.

As of right now the story is too short for me to feel right putting it on amazon to sell. I will be posting it here as an example of the writing I do. I hope you will enjoy it!


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