My Kickstarter Experience: A simple starter walkthrough

So I have been thinking, I am going to try to do a Kickstarter for my novel I wrote for this years Nanowrimo. I posted a brief bit with a link to the page I am working on.

And then I thought “Hmm, I wonder how many other authors might want to try the same thing but are not sure if they can?” I decided to write a blog post about how and what I am doing for Kickstarter. Giving a walk through of my experience so that you can have a better understanding of what they do and how to go about doing it for yourself.

First off, Kickstarter  according to their own site:

“Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.”

The way they work is they are an “all or nothing” style funding. Either you meet your goal and get paid or your don’t and no money changes hands. It is up to you to get people looking at your project and sponsoring you.

This opens up a whole new world to people seeking support for their creative projects. For writers, this may help you decide if you are going to self publish or pursue traditional publication. Something to keep in mind when you are getting ready to set your goal amount.

When you first start your Kickstarter project they send you through their GUIDELINES to learn what is a proper Kickstarter project and what is not. Things like getting an album produced or, for writers, getting the backing to self publish your novel.

Next are the BASICS of your project. In this case, your book.

  • Project Image: Post the Cover Art if you have it already, if not post an image used for your author platform.  I am using a bit of art made by my husband that I am also using on Twitter. That way people will know it is really my project.
  • Project Title: For Books you can just use the title of the book or try to put something that is Eye Catching. I just put Death’s Hope for now.
  • Category: You will need to categorize your project. There is a section for Publication and sub sections on what type of thing you are seeking to publish. Fiction here.

(I strongly suggest going through their vids and such on how to pull off a successful kickstarter. You can get some great ideas and learn a great deal on how it all works)

  •  Short Blurb: If you tweeted about your project (135 characters) what would you say?
  • Project Location: Where is your project located? Kickstarter has a breakdown and you can look up current projects started by people in your area. If you are someone who likes to support local artists, check out what is being started in your area.
  • Funding Duration: This section is for how long you want your project to run on Kickstarter. They have a ‘small print’ section here. Read through it to learn what is the best action for your project.
  • Funding Goal: This is very important to research. Find out how much you will need for your project and then ask for that. Don’t get greedy. Look and see what other people are doing. I took a long look at the people who had achieved their goals and what they did.

Next section you will be asked to work on is the REWARDS section. This part was my favorite. Thinking up all the different things to reward my supporters with. Bookmarks, Signed book copies, Launch Party invites. Anything you feel would be seen as valuable and worth a person investing in your project. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the things you are offering to your supports when you are setting goal and reward levels. Have fun with it and your supporters will too.

The next step is the STORY.

  • Project Video: Post a video about what you are asking people to spend their money on. It does not need to be anything fancy. Some folks might even think “Well if you can afford to get that video all cool, why you need my money?” It will make you look more credible if people see the person behind the project. Authors should really use this as a time to get your audience started.
  • Project Description: This is where you tell people about your book. What stage are you at? Is the book finished? Are you still working on it? What is it about? Tell people as much as you can without actually giving away the story. This is the section you want to be very honest and open in. People will read this to find out more about what the project is about and making their choice to give you money or not based on what they read here.
  • Risks and Challenges: This section allows you to show your supporters that you are fully prepared for the things that might happen during the course of your project. Print delays? Computer crashed and need to get a new one to finish the rewrite? There ya go.

From here it is all ABOUT YOU. Who are you? What kinds of things are you interested in? How can supporters find out more about you? Do you have a webpage? PLATFORM people! This is it!

There are two other sections to completing your project with Kickstarter. Account and Review. I am just getting into these sections myself so I will do another blog in the near future about what it is like to get through them. You will need to create an Amazon Business account and have either a Debit card or Credit Card for them to deposit the fund onto if you should make your goal.

I hope this was helpful for people who are interested in learning more about the Authors journey through the Kickstarter process. I will be posting more about this experience to share for future or upcoming authors!

Enjoy and let me know if this was helpful or not! Click the speach bubble at the top to leave a comment!

Tragic Events

I am writing this at the same time the news is talking about the shooting in Newtown.

I woke up and had a message in my twitter. So I logged in to take a look. Twitter was in an Uproar. I had to take a moment and scroll back through the last hour or so of tweets to learn that there had been another school shooting.

Too many people gone. The President making an emotional speech about the tragedy.

I send my thoughts and prayers out to everyone in any way connected to this. Something like this effects more people than those talked about on the news. Certainly the people who were there first hand have the most to deal with but please do not forget the families of those who were there. Think about the medical staff at the hospitals and staff that are needing to do their job to save the lives of these children.

Pres. Obama mentioned in his speech other tragic events that have happened. I and my husband have been in one of these tragic events. Each time it happens it brings the anxieties and stresses from the past back to haunt me. Think about the families all over the world who have lost because of violence and hate.

When things like this happen people speak out without thinking about what they say. Their words are fueled by emotion. Remember as you talk about this, that words are powerful. Sometimes more powerful that the weapons involved in these tragedies. Sometimes words are the reasons these things happen.

Remember your words.

Gonna Kickstart.

So…I am gonna do it. I decided to try to set up a kickstarter for Death’s Hope. What is the worst that could happen? It doesn’t make it. I figure that could not be any worse that where I am at now. It will take a few more days for me to get the video made and get everything ready to send it in for approval. in the meantime here is a link to the preview for anyone interested in it. I greatly appreciate any and all help in promotion and shall do my best to acknowledge any and all persons who help to make this book a reality!


Updated with new link because I fixed a few things and added a few things! Let me know what you think. I would greatly appriciate the feedback.

Back to Writing.

I have finally started back on the writing. It was a bit like pulling myself out of a deep sleep and trying to make breakfast. You know what I mean? Where all your limbs are so heavy it takes all your effort to move one leg in front of the other. Where your eyes are so blurred that everything looked like London Fog, and if someone asked you what your name was you would say “Soccer Pancakes” ( I shamelessly stole that from my husband).

All the procrastination aside, I am back in the saddle and working on a new book. It has nothing to do with the one I just finished. I suppose I could write the next book in Hope’s story but that would defeat the purpose of ignoring her for a while so that I can look at the MS with fresh eyes in a few weeks. See how bad the bad is and how awesome the good parts actually are.

Update on Full Moon Station. I have sent it out to a few eyes to read over. I am waiting to hear back from them and then I will decide how to send it out to all of you. I am really excited about it. I am trying not to harass the folks I sent it to. “Have you read the story yet? Have you read the story yet? Have you…”get the idea?

I have a new book idea. (I said that already) It is an Epic Fantasy idea. I think this could potentially take a bit of time to write. I want to go about it the best way possible. Every character will have a profile. I hear that is how George RR Martin does his. I plan on doing a complete world build. My husband will be helping me with that. I am really looking forward to spending the time with him.

Today was fruitful. I have some scene ideas laid out and a great cast of characters already started. Unlike Death’s Hope, this book is the third person. As much as I love first person, I think I am better at 3rd. My hat goes off to the folks who can pull off a great 1st person character like those written by Laurell K Hamilton and Yasmine Galenorn. I hope that I can edit my FPPOV enough that it is readable and believable. (At least I have great authors to reference!)

I bought a few notebooks with loose paper and dividers to better organize my notes. Plot, Character, Maps, TBA (To Be Asigned). This way I have everything for that book at my fingertips. I know my WriteWayPro has a lot of those features but I think I get ideas out best longhand and on my iPad. I started this new book as a writing warm up idea. I also have graph paper and blank white printer paper to doodle maps and other such ideas that might go with the story. There is a pouch for colored pencils, mechanical pencil and fresh pens as well. I just grab the notebook and take it with me when I go out. I have everything I might need to jot down an idea or a drawing for that story.

I hope you enjoy my random blurbs about my journey to be a published author!

Please feel free to leave a comment below about what helps YOU write. I would love to hear about it!

Nano Over Now What?

NaNoWriMo is over and I am sure many writers are wondering the same thing I am at this point.

Now What?

Well, there are a few ways you can go at this point but for sure, Keep Writing. Find a new project to immerse yourself in.

I plan on doing another Novel in a Month. It worked well for me in getting a book from start to finish. I plan on doing another and see what happens. Lucky for me the program I use to write with gives a daily word goal. It is nice. If you are interested in joining me in another 30 day dash, leave a comment. The more the merrier and this is a great time of year for Merry!

Another option now that Nano is over: Edit something else. (The key here is Something Else)

If you happen to have a project ready for it, try editing something you have that is not your Nano work. (That needs time to settle in and ferment a bit. Which makes a good book kinds like beer! Oh there is a blog bonus post!) I have a short story I have had for years. I have started the edit process with the help of some great people ( Thank you Jennifer! Roz and Bara!) If you have ready my previous blogs you may know the story I am talking about. Do you have something you are editing? What is your biggest pet peeve when editing someone else? Leave a comment! Is there something in your own work that stands out? a Mistake you make all the time? Mine is commas. When ending a dialogue sentence like “I told you to put the damn comma in the right place,” Jen said to me, her voice full of sarcasm. I always get it wrong (cept now cuz I was watching…)

You can celebrate a job well done and look forward to next year!

I know some people only do Nano for the challenge of it. Just to be able to say “I see your 30 Days…And I win.” Nothing more. That is cool. So now you have 11 months to tell people “I wrote 50k in 30 days.” Good on you! Let me know how you have decided to celebrate maybe we can have an online party!

Whatever you decide to do, Grats on a job well done during NaNoWriMo this year! Even if you did not make it into the Winner Circle be proud that you were a part of something that people all around the world participated in!



Back in the saddle…

After some time away from my home and my computer, I am ready to get back to work on the next book!

I am going to let Death’s Hope sit on a shelf (well I just won’t open the file) for a while. I have had some thoughts and ideas about how to improve the story and am going to be writing them down. Eventually I will be able to pull these things out when doing the rewrite. I hope to have a story worthy of being printed. Right now it is a jumbled mess of words.

In the meantime, I am working on getting my short piece I call Full Moon Station ready to be viewed by the masses. The totally awesome @JenniferSights has been helping me with some edit stuff on it. I am so great full for the time she has taken out of her own busy life and writing endeavors to read and critique this for me. Words cannot express my gratitude! I recommend you take a moment and give her a follow! She is an awesome person.

As of right now the story is too short for me to feel right putting it on amazon to sell. I will be posting it here as an example of the writing I do. I hope you will enjoy it!