Nano Day 28

28 days? Really?

I have less than 5 thousands words left to meet the NaNoWriMo goal of 50k. And it feels like everything is out to keep me from finishing those last words!

School meetings, sick kids, client meetings and the holidays seem to be begging for my attention. Add college midterms to that list and it is a wonder I made it through the 45k!

But that just tells me that I can make it through the next 5k with no trouble. Maybe a little less sleep and a messier house but those are small things when I think of finishing a novel for the first time.

I will look back on this November and remember it as the first step down the road to becoming what I wanted to be when I was young. A writer. How many other people can say that? How many times throughout our lives do we ‘settle’ for the next thing on the list?

I know some people find their dream job only after they have grown up and found themselves. Me? I think I got lost along the way. When I was very young I knew what I wanted and I wove the things in my life around that goal. Then life happened and those dreams where either shattered or torn from me by the cruel hands of fate and I became less that what I was as a young child.

It has taken over 20 years for me to find myself again. To regain that lost childhood dream and the drive to make it a reality. “Hello me! I am so glad to see you! You would not believe how much I missed you.”

So, here is to the finish line. To unlocking an achievement that has been waiting for decades.

“Writing a novel. Achievement Unlocked!”


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