Nano Day 25


I passed the 40k mark and am so thrilled!

While I still feel that this story had some serious ADHD moments in it I think I might be able to turn it into something readable in the future. There is SO much in this that I can easily take it beyond just the one book and turn it into at least a trilogy. The book title changed tonight from Dance with Death to Death’s Hope with The Gods Hope and Titans Hope following.

Do you ever get that feeling when you are writing that there is so much more going on in your worlds that even you do not really understand until it is happening to your characters?

I am looking forward to returning to my much-loved Charlie the Sorceress and her world of shapeshifters and such. The playing around with the gods has taken a lot out of me and I want to get back to ‘normal’ magics. (ha-ha)

I also will not mind spending some time with my werewolf other self either. Her story has been sitting like a constant fuzz in the back of my mind this entire month. She is worst at full moon. Thankfully it is winter and we both despise the cold so no running in the dark for now. (Dont look at me like that I KNOW there are plenty of other writers out there who see their characters the EXACT SAME WAY!)

I have learned so much about myself and the ways I am most productive in writing. I hope it serves me well in the future. As much as I can not wait to share this book with the people who have been following my progress I hope you all can understand my need to step back from it for a bit before I run into the rewriting.

I am signed up for a Webinar called NOVEL REVISION: CRAFT A STORY READERS CAN’T PUT DOWN. I am really looking forward to it and it will give me a few days to NOT look at the story of Hope and Thane for a few days.

There are a few more Write Ins happening here and I wish I could make it to them. I will have to see what I can arrange with the man. (aka My Husband).

I hope you are all feeling as good about where you are as I am. I was really feeling depressed about it for a few days and fell behind but there is a new determination not to let it beat me. See you again at the finish line!



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