Book Review: The Wine of Violence

I have never given a book review before outside of High School english so bare with me please.

The title: The Wine of Violence

The Author: James Morrow

The Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York. Printed in both US and Canada

Copyright James Morrow 1981

Genre: Sci Fi


Let me start by describing the book to you. It is older and hard covered in a black cardstock style paper with black binding. THe dust cover is but a memory and the writing on the spine is Teal Blue. The pages are starting to yellow at the edges and it smells like an old library does over time. (I love that smell, it smells like what I think knowledge would smell like if it had a scent). It is not a very big book. a little larger than your average paperback in heighth.

Inside the letters of the text are still clear and easy to read though not a very large font. There are 273 pages, though the last page is only about half filled with text.

Now on to the story itself.

It opens with our main character. A pudgy scientist on his way home. Francis Lostwax. Even his name is geeky right? He is that guy who got his head stuffed in the toilet and his lunch money stolen.

He and his fellow crew members find themselves stuck on a lost planet where human cannibals roam the deserts and a city of advanced pacifists live on the other side of a river of black acid sludge and a giant wall.

When the crew is saved, Lostwax suffers a head injury and one of the cannibals gets loose on the other side of wall going on a killing spree. his fellow crew member Burnes vows to the people that he will take care of the cannibal because they are incapable of physical violence.

Over the course of the story Lostwax falls in love and learns more about the people of the city of Quetzalia on the Planet Luta.

I do not want to go into any more detail, the book does a fantastic job on its own. The description that Morrow gives allows the book to play like a movie through your mind. The characters are vibrant and you find yourself engaged in their lives. The interesting ideas brought up by the storyline leave you thinking “What if…”

If you are looking for a new read, you can find this book on for a penny+shipping. The reviews are not stellar, but that is ok. This is my opinion on this book and if you are reading it then you must have at least some interest in what I have to say.

I did take a “Writing Sci Fi” class in High School and am very well read in both Sci Fi and Fantasy, so I think I can say with little doubt that if you enjoy both those, you will at the very least Like this book.

I would LOVE to see this book made in to a movie and have even fanfic started on a script at one point when I was younger.


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