Nano Day 20

You know when you get to that point of being over tired where your eyes are burning and gritty? Where you think your brain might actually be made of Green Jell-O with bits of pineapple in it?

Yeah, that was me today.

I stayed up late to try and catch up on my NanoWordCount. ( made it to 32,439!) I did over 2k words yesterday. I am so proud of myself! By the time I had put in a decent word count, it was 5am and time to start getting kids up for school.

The coffee and Red Bull had reached critical mass and were no longer helping my eyes stay open.

I was feeling like super mom until my higher brain function started to shut itself down. I started to drool on myself. There is only so many games of Peek a Boo and Tickle the baby you can play to keep you awake. At 2pm I fell into bed and lost it for the next six hours.

I am hoping that my little ones will go to bed soon so I can do some homework and writing.


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