Writer foods!

I love to eat. Thankfully, I am blessed with a metabolism that accommodates my love of food. Sometimes it gets me into trouble because I get hungry all the time.

Now, however I find myself with a dilemma. Writer friendly foods. By that, I mean foods that are quick to make, easy to eat quickly so that you can keep the flow of words going without getting cold and gross or soggy and gross or any other number of things (and gross). That fill you up so that you are not wanting to get up and make something else again after you have licked off the plate.

I have found some great solutions!

Cups. Just about every nifty side dish out there now comes in a cup. Mashed Potatoes, Rice a Roni and Mac N Cheese all come in pre portioned cups that pop right in the microwave. All of these make awesome writer food. Add bacon (mmm bacon) to the potatoes or tunafish to the mac n cheese and you have something semi resembling an actual meal.

Dinner roll sandwiches. Yup. These are single hand sized goodness. Or if you happen to have a large mouth, a bite size hunger solution.  A couple of these made before you start then stored in the fridge to grab and munch when needed are perfect.

There are always the usual array of snacky type foods like chips and crackers. These are ok if you don’t mind greasy keyboards or crumbs everywhere.

Better than these two is the Pretzel. Not greasy, won’t leave flakey crumbs in your keyboard and lets face it, they are just plain salty awesomeness. You can even dress them up in chocolate! (mmm chocolate)

Fruits and veggies. Cut up and ready to eat for those crazy cravings. Your body will thank you later for the healthy snacking goodness. Not to mention the vitamins and things that come in fresh produce just might help boost your brain power and get you through a tough spot!

What are some of your favorite writer snack attack foods? Leave a comment below!

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