The Write Frame of Mind.

My mind is in a fog. Lack of sleep, too much caffeine (NO such thing!!) and a house full of distractions are all on the front lines of the battle to write this book.

I have a word goal of 30,000 to reach before midnight tonight. I am at 29,313 and have NO motivation whatsoever. It is almost painful. Except that I am too exhausted to really feel pain at the moment.

Finding the write frame of mind is a bit of a challenge. (See what I did there? That play on words? Pretty shnazzy huh) There are several key factors to getting the write mind.


Some writers claim that getting up in the wee hours of the morning and writing before the day has had the chance to stretch its arm across the sky is the best. Others seem to be able to pour out their novel ideas in the evening when the world is getting drowsy and the light is fading away in a wash of colors against the clouds.

I prefer late night writing. After my kids have gone to bed and the house is quiet, I sit at my computer and let the words come.


Coffee shops, libraries and bookstore that let you sit and read are all popular places for writers (and students) to sit and perform feats of literary amazingness (is that even a word?).

I like the comfort of my own space (and hate using public restrooms).


Sometimes getting in the write mood is almost as difficult as getting your significant other in the right mood. It may take some gentle persuasion or subtle innuendo to achieve the goal. (Shameless flirting may be needed) Other times you might have to grab the Muse by the hair and drag her kicking and screaming to a place that gets the words moving. Music, lighting and general atmosphere are key factors in mood creation. (also depends on what mood you need for the story which makes it that much more of a bitch to figure out, but hey that is another blog topic)

Once you are in your place, with your Muse rubbing your shoulders and the clock hits the write time (like that one?) you should be able to generate words that fill the screen like water from the sink fills a cup. (Just hope the plumbing does what it should)


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