When Distraction strikes…what then?

I have been sitting at my desk for several hours now. How much writing have I done?

None. Nadda. Zip.

My son has been on a “The Guild” kick today and I have been sucked in! Can I help it if Felicia Day’s red-head hotness as Codex the Priest is overwhelming? Or that Robin Thorsen as Clara the Mage has me LOLing so much I am in a constant state of backspacing?

Now I have most of the day wasted and nothing but a few extra laugh lines around my eyes to account for it. (Ok so that is not true, I have this great blog topic to write about)

The thing is, what do you do when you find yourself distracted? When Twitter has you watching in anticipation for the next celeb tweet or Facebook friends are updating their status with pictures of cute little puppies promoting Hurricane Sandy Relief?

Everyone has different ways to get themselves back on track. What are some of your ways of getting yourself back to work when all you want to do is curl up and watch Buffy for hours?

Me? I look at my bookshelves. The stacks of beautiful hardback and paperback goodness. (I can not work at a bookstore due to the reinvestment of my paycheck back into the business) Each novel a reminder of where I hope to be in the future.

A sweet escape from the hair pulling, milk spilt, phone calls from the teacher, life of a stay at home mom. (I love my kids but even mom needs “Me” time) Or relief after a day spent agreeing with some asshat who points out the store policy of “The Customer is Always Right” sign while asking you to return all 400 different colors of scrapbook paper you need to scan individually.

I am then able to get perspective of why I was distracted in the first place. I want writing to be enjoyable. I want to be able to sit at my computer and put down stories that engage and inspire (or inspire you to engage *evilgrin*) your mind.

I think that if you are getting distracted it is because your brain is crying out for a moment to take a deep breath from the intense creative process. A self-preservation method to keep you sane because you have spent the last 14 days writing away at 2am with a large cup of double shot mocha and a Red Bull chaser.

Let your brain take the breather. Your work may thank you in the long run. Just think of the stream of ideas that may now have been planted in your brain because it needed the break? (Thank you @oatmeal for your inspiring cartoon! Check it out and LOL like I did! http://theoatmeal.com/comics/making_things)

Just don’t get caught up and go from ‘distracted’ to ‘procrastination’! That is a downward spiral my friends!

Here is to getting in a giant word count tonight! Have fun!


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