Another Bonus

Today was a crazy mix of wonderful and not so wonderful.

Lets start with the Not So: I missed out on some very valuable writing time do to a side tracked mind caught up in Mindless entertainment. I know, I know. But you got a great blog topic right? I suppose. You are probably also going to point out that I did get my word count in for the day ending at a grand 25,128 at 1:30am Pacific.

OK, OK….Fine no so much bad after all.

On to the Wonderful. I got a few new followers on Twitter. One is none other than New York Times Bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn herself! I know right?! (I did allow myself a fangirl squeal which made her laugh)

I started following Yasmine before I had read her work because she was a local author and a Bestseller. (I am all about connecting with peers here. Who better to ask about the writing industry than other writing professionals?) I got to know her fun quirkyness over twitter feeds and came to really enjoy her as a person who was not afraid to be herself no matter what kind of crap life happens to toss at her. I respect that. So when the chance came for me to purchase her new book Shadow Rising, you bet yer ass I bought it!

I was going to save the book as a treaty reward for a finished 50k manuscript but I just couldn’t resist. I started in on the story a bit at a time giving myself only a few pages between frenzied typing sessions. (I am not anywhere near the middle of the book let alone the end but expect a review here after NaNoWriMo)

At first I was not going to read anything at all because I felt that it would interrupt the voice of my own characters. Honestly I am still a bit leery about that happening but I have had some of my better sessions after a quick mental break into the mind of another writer of the same genre. It gives me the boost I need to say to myself “I can do this. I want to write something this cool.”

Another thing I have on my mind tonight is the discussion of a writer building his/her platform. (SIGH) I have twitter and I have this blog. I do have a Facebook under the Name Iniriba (internet name/pen name). I am so new to this whole thing I am still likely to see that someone has followed my page or read my blog seconds after they do so.

I try not to let the number (or lack thereof) views and followers discourage me. I will write like I have thousands of views now. Hopefully, over time, those of you who have joined me now will have the pleasure of seeing how I have grown and improved over time.

To learn more about Yasmine, check out her website at

Who is your favorite fiction Author? Why? Leave a comment below!


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