Bonus blog

Tonight I am doing a “Bonus Blog” session. I usually blog to get into my own head and or the head of my MC in the evening, before writing. This morning I was able to jump into the writing and get a lot done, putting me about a day ahead, numbers wise.

Tonight you get a bonus blog because I am going to put more words in and this is my ritual of noveling.

I recently read a great article that was about blogging and how it should be about the reader. Engaging them in conversation and giving them a feeling of value. This is difficult for me at this point because I have no books in print therefore nothing to contribute other than my personal experience on the road of becoming a published author.

I would love feedback from those of you who take the time to read my words! I add snippets of story I am working on to entertain. I try to ask questions in my posts to get feedback from readers, but I think they may be coming across as rhetorical. I assure you they are not!

What I value most is information. The more I have the better things are in the long run. Knowledge really is power and the pen truly is mightier than the sword. Words carry on through the ages. Deeds are only remembered when written down.


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