Nano Day 12

Today is going to be interesting. I spent a big portion of my night talking with my husband about some of the issues I have had with my novel. He is my creative inspiration. It has always been that way. He compliments me in every way. (Now that I am done being mushy…) It helped me to clarify some of the things I was stuck on story wise. I don’t want to go into detail because it is some major storyline plot thick stuff, but it was like “LIGHT BULB!” from Despicable Me! He was mid sentence explaining how some plot twist could work and all of a sudden we both looked at each other and went “Holy Shit!” then he pointed at my laptop and said “Write Woman”.

I don’t think I have ever typed that fast in my life. I think I did over 1000 words in about 20 minutes. It. Was. AWESOME.

So now, not only do I have a better idea of where we are going with THIS book, but have a great background and overall plot that could carry through several others. It is so exciting! I really can not wait to share this epic story with you all.

I enjoy putting teasing bits of what I am writing here in the blog. I think it helps people gain interest in what I am writing without giving away the story. Like the back of a book tells you just enough to get you to buy the book in the first place. I want to get you interested for the same reason.

Here is are snippets from the book. I hope you enjoy it!

“I am Nyx,” she said. “I can smell my nephew on you, girl.”

I was not sure if I should start to panic or not. “Do you mean Thane?”

“Thanatos, yes.” she said. She moved out of the trees and walked around me. I felt like a prize horse being checked out. “You have good taste, nephew.”

Thane stepped from the trees as well and replied “Thank you Aunt.” I had no idea that he had been there. “Were you following me?” I asked him in a flash of white-hot temper. Nyx let out a deep-throated laugh at my outburst and grabbed my face in her hands. Her long, black nails dug deeply into my cheeks and I thought she might break skin. “She has fight in her. She must get that from her father.”


Nyx dug her nail into the side of his face. “Does she know yet?” She asked him. “Does she remember?” Thanes lips were tight “No.” He said
“Ah.” Nyx gave a short chuckle and looked at me with her burning purple gaze. “This promises to get interesting.”


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