Nano and life Balance

Finding the balance between NaNoWriMo and the obligations of life has been difficult.

I am currently taking college classes to get my Bachelor is Business Management. It is not my passion or even my dream job. Writing full-time would be a dream job.  I know there is still much to be done (like finishing the damn novel) before I am the next J.K. Rowling so I am going to school so that I can make enough money to support my unusually large family until I am a best-selling author with a movie deal. (HAH I can dream right?)

I have been so caught up in word count this week that I have missed several days of valuable homework time. Thankfully I can turn in my work late for a few points docked. I won’t claim to be a perfect 4.0 student on the best of days,(I am just grateful that I can take classes at all!) but I am not stupid and do put in every effort when doing my work so that when I do slip and need to turn things in late the only points lost are the ones for being late!

Granted it does not help that the two classes I am taking are both very heavy. Legal Environment and Intro to Business and Tech. This makes for a lot of brain work added to my over taxed Nanobrain. I am wondering if I will live to see Thanksgiving let alone the 30th. What does an aneurism feel like? Seriously though, I will be that much more in ‘celebrate’ mode when this (and class) is all over. I will have to think of something appropriately “Cheer” worthy to reward myself with. Any suggestions?

I wonder if I can mail a book to my favorite author for her to sign? That would be cool. I bet with return postage…

So, remember to do the things you HAVE to do in life. DO NOT let Nano become an excuse to let the rest of your personal obligations slide, no matter how tempting it may be. NaNoWriMo is a self motivational event to help you learn to become a writer. A way to learn how to balance the things in your life that you will still need to do when you are a successful full-time best seller. Kids will still get sick. Groceries still need to be bought. Holidays happen. Add to the normal life list the things you will now be asked to do as a writer such as Conventions, Book signings and other “must appear” events that I am sure I am not aware of yet. Only now you are financially obligated to produce a book. Use Nano to keep the writing enjoyable even when it becomes a job.


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