Nano Day 10

Here we are! Day 10. Can you believe it? It seems like the days have just flown by. I have to admit that the challenge of writing 50k words in 30 days has been good for me.

Yesterday was quite the adventure in writing. I met both Gaia and Nyx. Both these ladies are a bit daunting to write about.

Nyx especially seems to be a bit on the “scares the holy crap outa me” side. She is everything you think of when you think of the dark. Both the erotic and frightening.

Gaia seems to be that parent whose job was more important than family. I don’t like those kinda people. I understand that working is important but when you have children you need to readjust your focus in life. It will be interesting to see how this developes. I hope I can keep her realistic in that she felt she was doing the right thing. She is Gaia after all. I think my view is colored because the story is from Hope’s POV and Hephaestus has been her friend and guide most of her life.

Fellow twitter author and fast becoming friend Lily Paradis is excited about my story. She says she is a big fan of Greek Myth. We exchanged info. I plan on sending her a copy of the MS when it is ready for eyes other than my own. I feel honored that she is interested in it. You can find Lily at

And lastly in my rambles for the day, I mentioned in brief twitter that I am thinking about starting a Book Review Blog. I love reading. I ADORE reading. I read until my eyes are sore and gritty from holding them open for so long to catch another page of saucy sex scene with a Lighting scorched wizard. I enjoy reading so much that I decided to write a book just so I could read it!

Another fellow twitter author Jennifer Sights asked if she could guest post if I do decide to go forward with the BlogReview. Duh! Yes I would allow her to guest! She has been my wonderful NanoHarpy keeping me accountable for my word count during NaNoWriMo! Why wouldn’t I let her? Her books can be found at




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