Nano Day 8 and still going.

So proud of myself making my word count goal before I went to bed. NanoHarpy set a 13000 goal and I was about to call it in at 12500 but pushed through to finish at 13012.

I really did not want to disappoint her! It was very motivating.

My husband asked me what I am going to do with the story after the 30 days. I told him I would probably put it away for a month and finish SunRise. After that I can pull it back out and start doing the rewrite and corrections and editing. Thus allowing SunRise to do it’s shelf time.

Today the personal word goal is 15000. NanoHarpy has not set a goal but that is ok. I will suprise her with an awesome word count.

I asked twitter about what inspires or motivates them when NaNoWriMo has them down.

@rncrtr replied with “Writing a bunch of stuff. Thinking up wild new ideas.” they also said “I guess mine is to see a book of mine on the shelf at a BN. Not sure why, I just feel like that is a goal I am thinking about.”

Those are awesome things to keep you going! I can imagine the elation of seeing your baby, the hard work and dedication coming to a great conclusion. Keep it up!

My goal and driving motivation is to have one of my favorite authors (There are many!) read and enjoy one of MY books as much as I enjoy theirs. I think I would pass out if I was asked for my autograph from a favorite author.

Time to settle in and get some words down. Today is the turning point for Hope and Thane. Will they manage to find her family or is something else waiting in the house?



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