Nano Day 7 Personal Pep talk.

The biggest hurdle I have had to leap during Nano so far has been my own feelings of inadequacy. It stems from my childhood, I know. If you had the chance to read my post for the Authors Against Bullying event on twitter in October then you have a bit of a clue. If not you can read it here

I have a constant fear that I am not good enough. Will people like what I am writing? Do the other authors think I am irritating? (I know that I am just one fan among hundreds and often times thousands so my blips are just blips to these folks, but to me it means the world to be acknowledged and I hope I make anyone who talks to me feel as if they have my undivided attention regardless of how many people I might be talking to.) Part of my brain says that it really does not matter what other people think of you. I know that. I am working through it.

The writing has always been something I know I could be good at if I just took the time to do it. Several times I have started only to be sideswiped by something and it never happens. I decided to make this Nano my time to prove to myself that I CAN finish a book. That I can be a writer like I have always dreamed.

I am a writer.

I may not be published but I am a writer with over 25k words to my credit (That I currently have on hand)

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a pep talk.


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