Why I twitter…

I twitter because it allows me to actually ‘talk’ to an amazing number of people I would not normally have the chance to talk to.

I follow people who are like-minded and successful in what I want to be successful at. Writing. I can ask them questions and most are more than happy to answer. Some, I understand receive more input than they can possibly read in a single sitting and I do not expect to get a reply from them let alone a retweet but it is awesome that I can express my gratitude to favorite musicians or inspiring authors and know that they have seen it even if it is just a blip in their pile of ‘thank you’s’ and ‘I love you’s’

I twitter because I can connect with people who love the same things I do. Who are daring to do the same things I am. Who else can share my frustration when a scene is not going at all like I wanted it to? Who understands when I say, “So-and-so decided they did not like what they were wearing…” and know that I am speaking of a fictional person I argue with on a regular basis? And not think I am completely insane for the arguments. No I am not talking to myself, I am talking to HER/HIM and she/he is being stubborn. JUST WEAR THE DAMN CLOTHS!

I twitter because as a new writer it is just good business. I talk to them, they talk to me and then everyone who follows them sees my name and says to themselves “I might have to look them up.” Granted, I do not actually have anything out right now, but when I do people will remember my name. Name recognition FTW. Likewise, everyone who follows me sees another authors name and thinks “I should check them out if SHE likes them.” or “I have never heard that music I might go check it out.” See? Good vibes all around.

One day I hope to be able to meet a great number of the wonderful, amazing, inspiring authors I have followed and talk shop with and or buy a cup of coffee for them. I dream of the day I can send MY book to a friend/author/twitterer and have them be just as excited as I get when I buy one of their novels.


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