Nano Day 6

Yes I know I skipped a few days but today really is the 6th and I thought I better just go from here rather than try to remember the last few days.

So I feel honored to have the lovely Jennifer Sights as my Nano Harpy. I jokingly asked her to hold me accountable and she followed me and *cracked the whip*. I got a good laugh out of it and actually sent my spirits over the edge that she took the time to follow and tweet with me. You can check out her blog at I will be purchasing her work as soon as I have the money to do so. I love authors and artists who are real people and take the time to communicate with their audience. No trouble at all giving her my money!

On that note there are a few others who I have been following despite not having read any of their books yet. These lovely ladies are Mandy M Roth @mandymroth, Yasmine Galenorn @yasminegalenorn, Jess Haines @Jess_Haines. All of these wonderful women will be getting my support in the near future and will continue to get what suport I can give by urging others to purchase their work. They are all extremely kind and helpful to this budding novelist and I can not wait to join them as a published author. They are all heroes in my book!

So now we get to the Nano word count update! Thanks to my Harpy I managed to do from 8,300ish to 10,454 words DURING THE ELECTION STUFF!!


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