Nano Day 3

Nano day 3 was a bust. I spent most of the day drugged and asleep because my extraction was giving me a hard time. I woke up at 4pm and had to catch up on everything I had missed during the day. What a way to spend a Saturday. BLAH.

I did manage to start writing and get my word count in at about 2am this morning. Today has been all about trying to reach my word count before tomorrow morning. I don’t want to miss out on reaching the goal because I managed to reach 50,000 on December 1st rather than Nov 30th.

Good news is that Hope is starting to develop a voice of her very own. I look forward to seeing how she grows and progresses during the novel. I think this one has real potential to become seller rather than a shelfer. I know I am still on week one “high” but thats ok.

I do plan on taking the things I am learning here and using them next month to work on ‘SunRise’. That book is sitting at 10,000 words and ready for me to pour more into it and get it finished. I ended up with ass kinds of ideas for it while thinking about ideas for my Nano Novel.

Back to trying to get more done. See you around!


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