Nano Day 2

Day 2 went alright. Still a bit hazy from the drugs but otherwise alright. Took my mother to see her doctor about her arthritis acting up in her knees again.

Logan and Zac made the trip and after a quick stop to get something to eat and coffee for me we hung out in the waiting room until grandma was finished. Zac was really excited and told mom “Grandma! You alive, yay!” We chuckled and headed back home.

Was able to get in a bit of writing time before getting something for the vultures (my boys) to each that was quick and easy allowing me to get back to my groove. I remembered we had left over Mac n cheese from earlier and they enjoyed the leftovers while watching Abbott and Costello movies until bedtime.

After they had all called it a night put the little one, I finished over my daily word count and chose to call it a night for myself as well. The Muse had found something shiny somewhere and was no longer communicating the proper information. I look forward to the day when the character for this book and I see things together rather than needing the nebulous assistance of a moody Muse to make the connection.

All In all I think the day went rather well for the NaNoWriMo portion of my life. The rest…



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