NaNo Day 1

So day one started at about 1am for me. I had planned on being part of the midnight kickoff chat, but getting a molar yanked outa my head on Halloween kinda put a damper on that plan. I am still woozy from Vicoprofen a combo Vicodin and ibuprofen. It makes me feel alike throwing up and sleeping.

The only reason I was up T the time is my two youngest children don’t like to sleep at night. My husband had just climbed into bed after a long day of kid watching and worry about me. So I crawled outa the warm spot under the blankets and took the kids out into the living room to watch Shaun the Sheep and hopefully wind down enough to go back to bed.

After frantically typing out 750 words before my kids started claiming on top of me, I decided to pop in to the local chapters chat room and see what was going on. There were two other people there I said a quick hello to then logged back out to get the boys back into bed and crash out myself.

I woke up a few more times throughout the morning when various alarms went off warning to wake kids for school. My husband swooped in to save the day and I was able to go right back to my drug induced slumber.

By 12 in the afternoon I was able to sit up and not feel like either tossing my cookies or having the feeling like my head was in a vise grip that keeps getting tighter.

After doing some store runs and getting gas for the minivan I made it home and was able to finally log into my classes. I am currently enrolled in DeVry for a bachelor in business management. That took several hours to catch up on almost a weeks worth of missed discussion posts and other class work needed for online college.

I returned to my writing and managed over 1000 more words to finish off my day. I logged on to the NaNoWriMo page and proudly typed in my 1872 word count!

Lets see how we’ll day 2 goes!


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