50k Done!

Holy Crap! I feel like the little boy from the end of The Incredibles that says “That was totally wicked!”

There were a few days in there I was not sure I would make it at all. I was starting to get a bit depressed with the whole thing and almost threw in the towel. If it was not for the fantastic support group that I have on twitter, I think I would have given up.

I plan on putting their names in the acknowledgments ‘when’ it gets published.

The biggest motivator was having people who where doing the same thing at the same time. Sharing my pain and triumph with them along the way.

I think the other thing that helped was picking my ‘Big Motivator’ at the start of the month. That goal I would love to achieve (even if it is crazy ridiculous) if all the cards played right into my hands.

My dream. I want to sit on an author panel as a fellow writer, at one of the conventions or some such with my favorite author Laurell K Hamilton. The dream that maybe she would maybe read my book in the future.

That was a large motivation. How can she, or any of the other awesome authors I have met recently, read my book if I never write it?

It helped to think, what kind of book would so-and-so like to read? And then write it. I know the kind of books I like to read so I tried to write a book I thought would be cool. (Does that make any sense or do I need sleep?)

I feel great. I am a writer! Now to take the advice of the lovely Yasmine Galenorn and learn how to edit!

Nano Day 28

28 days? Really?

I have less than 5 thousands words left to meet the NaNoWriMo goal of 50k. And it feels like everything is out to keep me from finishing those last words!

School meetings, sick kids, client meetings and the holidays seem to be begging for my attention. Add college midterms to that list and it is a wonder I made it through the 45k!

But that just tells me that I can make it through the next 5k with no trouble. Maybe a little less sleep and a messier house but those are small things when I think of finishing a novel for the first time.

I will look back on this November and remember it as the first step down the road to becoming what I wanted to be when I was young. A writer. How many other people can say that? How many times throughout our lives do we ‘settle’ for the next thing on the list?

I know some people find their dream job only after they have grown up and found themselves. Me? I think I got lost along the way. When I was very young I knew what I wanted and I wove the things in my life around that goal. Then life happened and those dreams where either shattered or torn from me by the cruel hands of fate and I became less that what I was as a young child.

It has taken over 20 years for me to find myself again. To regain that lost childhood dream and the drive to make it a reality. “Hello me! I am so glad to see you! You would not believe how much I missed you.”

So, here is to the finish line. To unlocking an achievement that has been waiting for decades.

“Writing a novel. Achievement Unlocked!”

Nano Day 25


I passed the 40k mark and am so thrilled!

While I still feel that this story had some serious ADHD moments in it I think I might be able to turn it into something readable in the future. There is SO much in this that I can easily take it beyond just the one book and turn it into at least a trilogy. The book title changed tonight from Dance with Death to Death’s Hope with The Gods Hope and Titans Hope following.

Do you ever get that feeling when you are writing that there is so much more going on in your worlds that even you do not really understand until it is happening to your characters?

I am looking forward to returning to my much-loved Charlie the Sorceress and her world of shapeshifters and such. The playing around with the gods has taken a lot out of me and I want to get back to ‘normal’ magics. (ha-ha)

I also will not mind spending some time with my werewolf other self either. Her story has been sitting like a constant fuzz in the back of my mind this entire month. She is worst at full moon. Thankfully it is winter and we both despise the cold so no running in the dark for now. (Dont look at me like that I KNOW there are plenty of other writers out there who see their characters the EXACT SAME WAY!)

I have learned so much about myself and the ways I am most productive in writing. I hope it serves me well in the future. As much as I can not wait to share this book with the people who have been following my progress I hope you all can understand my need to step back from it for a bit before I run into the rewriting.

I am signed up for a Webinar called NOVEL REVISION: CRAFT A STORY READERS CAN’T PUT DOWN. I am really looking forward to it and it will give me a few days to NOT look at the story of Hope and Thane for a few days.

There are a few more Write Ins happening here and I wish I could make it to them. I will have to see what I can arrange with the man. (aka My Husband).

I hope you are all feeling as good about where you are as I am. I was really feeling depressed about it for a few days and fell behind but there is a new determination not to let it beat me. See you again at the finish line!


Book Review: The Wine of Violence

I have never given a book review before outside of High School english so bare with me please.

The title: The Wine of Violence

The Author: James Morrow

The Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York. Printed in both US and Canada

Copyright James Morrow 1981

Genre: Sci Fi


Let me start by describing the book to you. It is older and hard covered in a black cardstock style paper with black binding. THe dust cover is but a memory and the writing on the spine is Teal Blue. The pages are starting to yellow at the edges and it smells like an old library does over time. (I love that smell, it smells like what I think knowledge would smell like if it had a scent). It is not a very big book. a little larger than your average paperback in heighth.

Inside the letters of the text are still clear and easy to read though not a very large font. There are 273 pages, though the last page is only about half filled with text.

Now on to the story itself.

It opens with our main character. A pudgy scientist on his way home. Francis Lostwax. Even his name is geeky right? He is that guy who got his head stuffed in the toilet and his lunch money stolen.

He and his fellow crew members find themselves stuck on a lost planet where human cannibals roam the deserts and a city of advanced pacifists live on the other side of a river of black acid sludge and a giant wall.

When the crew is saved, Lostwax suffers a head injury and one of the cannibals gets loose on the other side of wall going on a killing spree. his fellow crew member Burnes vows to the people that he will take care of the cannibal because they are incapable of physical violence.

Over the course of the story Lostwax falls in love and learns more about the people of the city of Quetzalia on the Planet Luta.

I do not want to go into any more detail, the book does a fantastic job on its own. The description that Morrow gives allows the book to play like a movie through your mind. The characters are vibrant and you find yourself engaged in their lives. The interesting ideas brought up by the storyline leave you thinking “What if…”

If you are looking for a new read, you can find this book on Amazon.com for a penny+shipping. The reviews are not stellar, but that is ok. This is my opinion on this book and if you are reading it then you must have at least some interest in what I have to say.

I did take a “Writing Sci Fi” class in High School and am very well read in both Sci Fi and Fantasy, so I think I can say with little doubt that if you enjoy both those, you will at the very least Like this book.

I would LOVE to see this book made in to a movie and have even fanfic started on a script at one point when I was younger.

Nano Day 20

You know when you get to that point of being over tired where your eyes are burning and gritty? Where you think your brain might actually be made of Green Jell-O with bits of pineapple in it?

Yeah, that was me today.

I stayed up late to try and catch up on my NanoWordCount. ( made it to 32,439!) I did over 2k words yesterday. I am so proud of myself! By the time I had put in a decent word count, it was 5am and time to start getting kids up for school.

The coffee and Red Bull had reached critical mass and were no longer helping my eyes stay open.

I was feeling like super mom until my higher brain function started to shut itself down. I started to drool on myself. There is only so many games of Peek a Boo and Tickle the baby you can play to keep you awake. At 2pm I fell into bed and lost it for the next six hours.

I am hoping that my little ones will go to bed soon so I can do some homework and writing.

New Look, Same Great…awe who am I tryin to kid? hehe

What do you think?! Huh? You like it? I had to find something that was Me, my writing and the voices in my head.

The book I am working on right now has the Greek Gods in modern-day. Walking around. Yeah. I hope to get a bit of a dark feel to it with some hot sex and combat. (not at the same time). There is a light in the dark. Hope. hehe

The other book is about a sorceress. Who owns a nightclub. And falls for a police detective who also happens to be a werewolf.

Last book ties in with the sorcress…same world different POV. MC is a werewolf. (This one is the rest of the story behind the short bit I did called Full Moon Station which I am debating on posting here or putting up on Amazon. Talking to my friend and fellow writer Jennifer Sights who also has a blog here on WordPress! Check her out!) Let me know what you think, post it or not? Leave a comment below!

There is an Epic Fantasy bit I would like to do later on when I have had more experience as a writer and a Hard core Sci Fi because I love the genre so much I took a class on it High School.

In addition to the great new background I am rocking, I have added two new things I will be talking about after Nanoinsanity is over.


There are three things I adore enough that I would write about them and feel confident that I would not sound completely stupid.


PC Video Games.


I look forward to sharing what I am reading, playing or listening to and what I thought of them after.

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I am always interested in what people have to say so don’t be shy, if you find yourself wanting to answer any of my random questions GO FOR IT!

Have a Great Day! I am off to try to catch up on my word count!! (I am at 30,582 and need 33,333 but would like 34,000 by tonight.)

The Write Frame of Mind.

My mind is in a fog. Lack of sleep, too much caffeine (NO such thing!!) and a house full of distractions are all on the front lines of the battle to write this book.

I have a word goal of 30,000 to reach before midnight tonight. I am at 29,313 and have NO motivation whatsoever. It is almost painful. Except that I am too exhausted to really feel pain at the moment.

Finding the write frame of mind is a bit of a challenge. (See what I did there? That play on words? Pretty shnazzy huh) There are several key factors to getting the write mind.


Some writers claim that getting up in the wee hours of the morning and writing before the day has had the chance to stretch its arm across the sky is the best. Others seem to be able to pour out their novel ideas in the evening when the world is getting drowsy and the light is fading away in a wash of colors against the clouds.

I prefer late night writing. After my kids have gone to bed and the house is quiet, I sit at my computer and let the words come.


Coffee shops, libraries and bookstore that let you sit and read are all popular places for writers (and students) to sit and perform feats of literary amazingness (is that even a word?).

I like the comfort of my own space (and hate using public restrooms).


Sometimes getting in the write mood is almost as difficult as getting your significant other in the right mood. It may take some gentle persuasion or subtle innuendo to achieve the goal. (Shameless flirting may be needed) Other times you might have to grab the Muse by the hair and drag her kicking and screaming to a place that gets the words moving. Music, lighting and general atmosphere are key factors in mood creation. (also depends on what mood you need for the story which makes it that much more of a bitch to figure out, but hey that is another blog topic)

Once you are in your place, with your Muse rubbing your shoulders and the clock hits the write time (like that one?) you should be able to generate words that fill the screen like water from the sink fills a cup. (Just hope the plumbing does what it should)

Writer foods!

I love to eat. Thankfully, I am blessed with a metabolism that accommodates my love of food. Sometimes it gets me into trouble because I get hungry all the time.

Now, however I find myself with a dilemma. Writer friendly foods. By that, I mean foods that are quick to make, easy to eat quickly so that you can keep the flow of words going without getting cold and gross or soggy and gross or any other number of things (and gross). That fill you up so that you are not wanting to get up and make something else again after you have licked off the plate.

I have found some great solutions!

Cups. Just about every nifty side dish out there now comes in a cup. Mashed Potatoes, Rice a Roni and Mac N Cheese all come in pre portioned cups that pop right in the microwave. All of these make awesome writer food. Add bacon (mmm bacon) to the potatoes or tunafish to the mac n cheese and you have something semi resembling an actual meal.

Dinner roll sandwiches. Yup. These are single hand sized goodness. Or if you happen to have a large mouth, a bite size hunger solution.  A couple of these made before you start then stored in the fridge to grab and munch when needed are perfect.

There are always the usual array of snacky type foods like chips and crackers. These are ok if you don’t mind greasy keyboards or crumbs everywhere.

Better than these two is the Pretzel. Not greasy, won’t leave flakey crumbs in your keyboard and lets face it, they are just plain salty awesomeness. You can even dress them up in chocolate! (mmm chocolate)

Fruits and veggies. Cut up and ready to eat for those crazy cravings. Your body will thank you later for the healthy snacking goodness. Not to mention the vitamins and things that come in fresh produce just might help boost your brain power and get you through a tough spot!

What are some of your favorite writer snack attack foods? Leave a comment below!

Nano Day 16


That was my day yesterday. I got a little over 700 words done. Only because I forced myself to sit here at my computer until 3am to get something on the page.

I did get my blog about Branding posted. There is so much there that I need to learn! Thankfully I have time to save the money to hire someone professional.

Oh yeah, and my house got clean! Like REALLY clean!

I am still sorta stumped in the storyline. I know where and what just getting the words to get there has been difficult.

Today is going to be mostly about trying to push past this hump and getting into the last half of the NaNoWriMo. I might come up with another blog idea in the process.

Trying to focus my blogs about my journey as a new author and the things I am learning along the way. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I am!