NaNoWriMo Write In!

We are here at the Pierce County area NaNoWriMo Write In! About to Kick off and have blast! I plan on getting a few more pictures but they are on the iPad so you will need to wait until I can get them uploaded.

In other news Yasmine Galenorn and Lauren Dane, two local writers I follow on Twitter are at ECWC12 and doing book signing and such. I hope to join them for ECWC13! Wish me luck!

There is an amazing turn out tonight. The meeting room at the Parkland Library is packed with eager writers. The smell of the potluck is making my stomach grpwl. One tiny bowl of soup and half a mini chicken sandwich really is not enough food for the day! These people are going to think I am crazy when I go back for more food!

Super fun Ice Breaker Game. Character building workshop. FOOD!

Home again and contemplating the fun had at the Write In. Met some wonderful people! Learned some wonderful things and best of all was able to get a fun twist for my NaNo novel during one of the projects.

Character creation, World Creation, DETAILS! It was great! I am really looking forward to the next event and am even thinking about hosting a small weekly writers group here at my place…we shall see.

Later All!



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