NaNo Group Get together!

Hey Everyone!

I am really excited about this evening. The local writers for NaNoWriMo are doing a pot luck dinner at one of the libraries. I am going. I just don’t know what I am going to pot for the luck :/

I am going to look for a few recipes and see what I can come up with that would be interesting. I am thinking main corse kind of thing. Just not sure what. This caught me at the end of the month and budget is tight where food is concerned, I have 6 Boys after all!

Right now I am doing this for my warm up writing for the day then I hope to get a bit of actually writing done before needing to get food ready to leave. I still need to narrow down what to wear and get makeup on.

Being my first year doing NaNo I am looking forward to writing about the different events as they unfold! One of these years in the future I might even try and get to “Night of Writing Dangerously” down in Cali. I guess it is a big deal. I am sure we could do something lkike it here in Seattle/Tacoma as well. I know we have enough well known authors in the area that we could make it quite an event!

I will take pictures and many notes about the evening to share!




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