NaNo Prep Update

Spent the day yesterday doing character building and reading No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty. I won it as a ‘door prize’ at the Write In last night. I am taking it slow so that I can really soak in the information and advice  the book has to offer.

So far I am really enjoying the book. I am not that far into it. I just finished chapter 1 and am getting ready to start chapter 2. I like that Baty keeps reminding the reader to relax and not take things so seriously. It will make for a much better book and less stressed out writer.

I have one major hinderance to having a successfull NaNoWriMo, a really bad toothache. Unfortunatly I don’t have dental coverage so any work is entirely out of pocket. I hope to have this issue solved in the next week or so.

Today will be pretty much like yesterday except that I hope to get some writing on SunRise done. I think it might be good for me if I work on both at the same time. If I get stuck on one I can work on the other until I get a slap from the Muse and move back to the NaNo.

Happy Writing and see you on forums and twitter!


NaNoWriMo Write In!

We are here at the Pierce County area NaNoWriMo Write In! About to Kick off and have blast! I plan on getting a few more pictures but they are on the iPad so you will need to wait until I can get them uploaded.

In other news Yasmine Galenorn and Lauren Dane, two local writers I follow on Twitter are at ECWC12 and doing book signing and such. I hope to join them for ECWC13! Wish me luck!

There is an amazing turn out tonight. The meeting room at the Parkland Library is packed with eager writers. The smell of the potluck is making my stomach grpwl. One tiny bowl of soup and half a mini chicken sandwich really is not enough food for the day! These people are going to think I am crazy when I go back for more food!

Super fun Ice Breaker Game. Character building workshop. FOOD!

Home again and contemplating the fun had at the Write In. Met some wonderful people! Learned some wonderful things and best of all was able to get a fun twist for my NaNo novel during one of the projects.

Character creation, World Creation, DETAILS! It was great! I am really looking forward to the next event and am even thinking about hosting a small weekly writers group here at my place…we shall see.

Later All!


NaNo Group Get together!

Hey Everyone!

I am really excited about this evening. The local writers for NaNoWriMo are doing a pot luck dinner at one of the libraries. I am going. I just don’t know what I am going to pot for the luck :/

I am going to look for a few recipes and see what I can come up with that would be interesting. I am thinking main corse kind of thing. Just not sure what. This caught me at the end of the month and budget is tight where food is concerned, I have 6 Boys after all!

Right now I am doing this for my warm up writing for the day then I hope to get a bit of actually writing done before needing to get food ready to leave. I still need to narrow down what to wear and get makeup on.

Being my first year doing NaNo I am looking forward to writing about the different events as they unfold! One of these years in the future I might even try and get to “Night of Writing Dangerously” down in Cali. I guess it is a big deal. I am sure we could do something lkike it here in Seattle/Tacoma as well. I know we have enough well known authors in the area that we could make it quite an event!

I will take pictures and many notes about the evening to share!



More NaNo and guilty thoughts…

Does anyone else out there feel like they are spinning their tires waiting to get things rolling with NaNo? I have been researching and plotting and character developing until I can’t see straight and the whole while I feel like I am not really progressing at all! Maybe I am doing the right thing focusing my attentions on ‘Getting Ready’ but why does it make me feel guilty?

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the value of proper research and world developement. I love that part of the creative process! I guess I am just whiney about the lack of actual words on page! I have been trying to take time to work on the other books I have in progress.

One in particular has had my attention the last few days and I am getting really excited about it all over again. It is still first draft and I am looking forward to developing the dicipline from NaNo to finish it. Right now it is at 10,000 words and counting.

Back to work

NaNoWriMo Prep Log

Hello everyone!

Here we are, another day closer to Kick Off! Getting really excited to do this crazy thing.

The local NaNoWriMo group has been talking about ways to prep for November and one thing that has come up is Goodie bags or Goodie Boxes. I went out today and bought a few things to put in mine.

Purple SkullCandy Earbuds– these things are a must when writing in with a group of folks. Listen to your playlist without bothering the writer next to you.

5×5 FiveStar Notebook – portable notebook. Good size and good quality for all the notes you need during a writing session. Keep track of all the little things of the novel you are working on.

Colored Pens – YES! I love to write in different colors. Keeps my Muse entertained so she doesn’t walk out on me mid scene.

I plan on getting some snacks to add to the mix and maybe next year I will be able to afford to to get some cool little things for the goodie bags put together by the group leaders. I want to hit up Party City. I have learned that most writers are as wierd as I am and would enjoy some of the nick nacks available there. Fuzzy Pens!

Lastly, Music! I have a new playlist started on Spotify called NaNoWriMo! If you are into every music genre out there then this is the playlist for you! I have everything from Skillet to Lady Gaga…wait…what? Yes, Christian Alternative and….well….Lady Gaga. I think there is some Aerosmith in there and possibly some Katey Perry…

See you all tomorrow for the next update on my NaNo adventure!

Iniriba GreyMyst


Hello world!

Well hello there! Glad you could make it. I am a new writer just breaking into the scene and can not wait to introduce you all to my crazy world ideas!

The highlights today, NaNoWriMo.

I am going to be blogging about my adventure as a new NaNo writer. I joined the website NaNoWriMo about a week ago and since then have been doing nothing else but preparing for November.

It has not been easy because I normally sit down and just start writing. I get a character that starts telling me their story and I just write what they tell me. No plot prep, no outlines, no long list of character traits.

This time however I have my hands tied because I can’t actually put words down until the official start on midnight of November 1st. I have character sheets, plot worksheets and chapter outlines! It has been crazy!

Because of the ‘start to finish’ ideas behind NaNo, I can’t use the three works I have in progress. One has a short story beginning that I am thinking of using as a teaser short story self published through kindle. However, I want some feedback on that before I do.

I will write more tomorrow! Can’t wait to share!

Iniriba GreyMyst